Add your own posts – FINALLY

I think I have fixed it – the ability for anybody to add their own post – you can even add as many photos as you want in one easy way


S0 – please test this out and see what you think.

After you log in – there is a bar at the top left of the internet window showing your log in name – and there is also a PLUS sign with NEW alongside it.

This will allow you to create a blog entry just like this – but it gives you upload facility for images etc. You will post things and it will associate your avatar and your name to the post, so people can click on your profile to find out more.

So I encourage anybody who wants to, have a play with this and start posting. It will make the site richer in content and better for everybody!

It may all look scary but a few minutes playing around should settle any nerves and let you add posts, format them, insert photos etc – so please – especially those who are quite active on the site – have a good play and see what happens.

Upcoming Party outfit

The wife and I are off to a fetish party in November. It’s been ages since I went to any kind of fetish event – so have had to get creative and sort an outfit out. The idea for the outfit is based around my love of straitjackets but lets me actually enjoy the evening – meal and music.

Here is what I will be wearing for the evening – along with the 20 plus padlocks that will all secure the locking straps!

Should be fun.

20161101_171017 20161101_170951 20161101_165016

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