Add your own posts – FINALLY

I think I have fixed it – the ability for anybody to add their own post – you can even add as many photos as you want in one easy way


S0 – please test this out and see what you think.

After you log in – there is a bar at the top left of the internet window showing your log in name – and there is also a PLUS sign with NEW alongside it.

This will allow you to create a blog entry just like this – but it gives you upload facility for images etc. You will post things and it will associate your avatar and your name to the post, so people can click on your profile to find out more.

So I encourage anybody who wants to, have a play with this and start posting. It will make the site richer in content and better for everybody!

It may all look scary but a few minutes playing around should settle any nerves and let you add posts, format them, insert photos etc – so please – especially those who are quite active on the site – have a good play and see what happens.

A day in the woods

Hi there,

I recently posted a short pictured report of one of my outdoor excurses on my tumblr blog.
Because I think you may be interested in this report too I’ll link the 5 parts here: = part 1 = part 2 = part 3 = part 4 = part 5


New website -get points for your waterproof pictures to spend on gear!

Ok – it’s LIVE

Come and join in the fun!

A new website is now live – come and see what images people are sending in of them enjoying their waterproofs – and get jealous – as every set of images used on the site gets that person points to redeem against the cost of new waterproof gear at

There are 3 tiers of reward points which could result in you earning enough points to get new gear – completely free of charge (subject to postage costs)

Get yourselves over to the site, join up and send us some images to start earning points !

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