Add your own posts – FINALLY

I think I have fixed it – the ability for anybody to add their own post – you can even add as many photos as you want in one easy way


S0 – please test this out and see what you think.

After you log in – there is a bar at the top left of the internet window showing your log in name – and there is also a PLUS sign with NEW alongside it.

This will allow you to create a blog entry just like this – but it gives you upload facility for images etc. You will post things and it will associate your avatar and your name to the post, so people can click on your profile to find out more.

So I encourage anybody who wants to, have a play with this and start posting. It will make the site richer in content and better for everybody!

It may all look scary but a few minutes playing around should settle any nerves and let you add posts, format them, insert photos etc – so please – especially those who are quite active on the site – have a good play and see what happens.

Jim Stewart

I need help from our great members.

Some of you will recongnise the name of Jim Stewart. I won’t do a history lesson here but to lots of people he helped out in so many ways – from offering advice, sessions to creating some of the great items we all enjoy.

So – what help do I need.

I am working on a book which looks at the great man and offers an overview of who he was, what he did and why he was so important when looking back at where we are today.

There are members out there who will hopefully have stories. Maybe you met him. Maybe you had items created by him. Maybe you were lucky enough to play at 40 Fitz.

If you have any thoughts, memories, stories or anything – even images that you would be willing to share to go towards creating this book I would love you to get in touch. You can do so and keep your name out of print if you want. This is more about building up detail and the information about the great man so anything, no matter how small could be useful.

Please help. He did so much and there is so much that is unknown about this great man. His story needs to be told. I have all his writings and some great images plus have access to some people who worked directly with him at various times and they have offered help in adding content to this project.

you can contact me at  Many thanks

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As some of you will be aware, the laws are changing on how information is collected, stored and used.

At Jacketbound we ask for certain information when you sign up. This information is stored in an online database. I then take regular backups of this database in case the website has problems and I need to reinstall the site.

All the data provided upon signup is only seen by myself. This data is not used anywhere else. I do not pass this information onto anybody nor will I. I have no plans to sell any of this data. I value everybody’s privacy on this website. It is difficult reaching out to meet others and I respect that those on this site may not want their true identity to be known or shared with others for a huge variety of reasons.

I have to make everybody aware of what GDPR is and how data is handled. There is no guarantee that the database will not be hacked. If it is, then I may become aware of it if the website goes down (that is usually the tell tale sign). The website and databases are on secure servers that are paid for. That payment guarantees me a level of security but as anybody knows in this day and age, there is no such thing as 100% secure.

If anybody wants any of their details removed from the database since they signed up then please contact me via messages here or via email at I will do everything that is asked to protect anybody’s privacy. that extends to removing people’s names, emails or any other data that you may have used to sign up that you want now to protect. Just get in touch with me and let me know any concerns.

If anybody wants a list of any online data that the database has regarding you (in case you forgot what you entered when you first signed up) then again just let me know. I can send you details of what the database shows which will allow you to reach a decision going forward.

If anybody is worried about anything in this message, please get in touch and we can discuss further.

The bottom line of all this is the power of any individual to know what data is stored online about them and be able to see / change their data at any time, or even request it to be deleted. I will do what is in my power to ensure all these issues are met.

Jacketbound has been a stable website now for years. It is constantly updated and monitored to ensure it is safe and secure (as much as it can be). The servers are professionally run and are part of one of the largest online server systems in Europe (not sure if that is good or bad – I will let you decide).

So – please remember that you have power over your data. It will never be used without express permission from every person. But I have no plans to use any data on this site other than to leave it alone and let the website blossom.

Houdini Connections

For those in the know, Houdini connections was the website of the late Jim Stewart.

Jim was the man behind Fetters in the UK. He designed the great leather straitjackets that are now sold at Fetters and Mr S and others try to copy.

He was a towering figure in the world of BDSM and his website is an amazing mess of pages, thoughts and knowledge.

His old site was not looked after and was allowed to fall between the cracks that meant his domain name was purchased by somebody else.

After a few months, I am glad to report his website is back at a new domain name. The site is not a dot co uk site anymore, but has been promoted to a dot com website

So – if you know the site, you can enjoy it being back and if you have never visited the site, then you are in for a treat. Any problems with broken links or missing images please let me know. There are plans to add new content at some point in the next few months which should be exciting.

New Books

I have added some new books to the Bound Editions website.

2 New Books from John Strickland will delight all his fans – as they are really good reads !

A new author called Steellock who writes some extreme bondage stories.

Straitjacketed finally gave in to my pressure and has 3 books on sale – so please make sure you check him out.

Plus another 2 books to add to Rubber Al’s portfolio.

so – swing by BoundEditions to check them out – the books will take about 10 weeks to filter through to your favourite ePub supplier – so keep an eye out for them in 2018.

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