Add your own posts – FINALLY

I think I have fixed it – the ability for anybody to add their own post – you can even add as many photos as you want in one easy way


S0 – please test this out and see what you think.

After you log in – there is a bar at the top left of the internet window showing your log in name – and there is also a PLUS sign with NEW alongside it.

This will allow you to create a blog entry just like this – but it gives you upload facility for images etc. You will post things and it will associate your avatar and your name to the post, so people can click on your profile to find out more.

So I encourage anybody who wants to, have a play with this and start posting. It will make the site richer in content and better for everybody!

It may all look scary but a few minutes playing around should settle any nerves and let you add posts, format them, insert photos etc – so please – especially those who are quite active on the site – have a good play and see what happens.

For Sale: Metal Bondage Gibbet

Another item I was given to look after but just cant space for is this

A Metal Gibbet – my guess is it’s from Fetters as it is exactly the same design as the one they sell for almost £1000.

It stands approx 1.8 m high, chest and waist are approx 40 inches. (see images)

This is one amazing piece of kit – which could be transported (would have to look at costs depending on the buyers postcode) or could be picked up.

No signs of rust – and is a serious piece of kit for any bondage playroom

Get in touch if interested with your offer, otherwise I will place on eBay in a months time.

For Sale: Leather Pants & Jacket Set

Up for sale – as the fit was just not quite right for me – so I plan to get some new ones.

Leather lined trousers – with straps everywhere – locking! 40 inch waist and 34 inch inside leg

Leather lined Straitjacket inspired back zip Jacket – lots of straps – locking – size 50 inch chest

The leather is great quality, everything is leather lined. Every strap is lockable – so once inside – you could be locked up with over around 20 padlocks.

These items are great quality and were made for a party – and worn all evening just the once.

Would prefer them to go to a good home so I can get a new set that fits me better.

If interested, drop me a message here – let me know what you would pay – I can send them out postage – my guess is these would cost around £15 to ship UK – not sure about outside the UK – depends where you are.

I will put these onto eBay if they do not sell in the next month or so.

For Sale: Bondage Box

Over a year ago, I took possession from a good friend of a bondage box / coffin – well one year on and the space I have is sparse, combined with the fact that after a year I have not even had a chance to use it – means it is now seeking a new home

The box / coffin is made from wood – is padded inside – needs a good clean – has a front door that has various mini doors to open for access to head and other areas !

There are attachment points inside as well as gas mask tubes that can be connected to a gas mask and then to the outside fresh air.

This is quite a heavy piece so it will need a van / truck to transport it away. I am based in PE11 postcode in the UK and plan to put this onto eBay at some point soon. But first I wanted to give the people here the chance to see if they wanted this item in their playroom. I am looking for serious people to make me an offer on the price of it and would love to sell it here rather than eBay.

Length wise – I am 6 foot 3 and it fits me fine.

This will go onto eBay should nobody be interested in a months time.

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