It’s great to keep an eye on the likes of eBay and other fetish outlets to see new ideas come up every now and again.

One of the best new bits of kit in recent years has been the hog sack. The gimp sack – or bitch sack – it goes by many names.

Basically it’s a sleep sack that keeps the legs bent – puts the arms traditionally behind the back and completely covers the wearer from head to toe (or knees in this case).

Hot4Hogtie then bought out leather and rubber versions. They were followed by the Chinese who offer some variations or copies – the most notable being from LatexCatfish – which I must order soon.

But I thought this was a new design, until I came across this – from FoxBound and his website.

He shows how he was strapped into a similar suit (albeit more of a canvas affair) some years back. looks great though.

20040708-021 20040708-016 20040708-014 20040708-006 20040708-007 20040708-011 20040708-034 20040708-033 20040708-029

His website cane be seen here.

Sacks was originally published on Jacketbound


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