1. blacksheep 6 years ago

    Who makes this shirt? What’s the ridiculous price? Look positively fantastic!

  2. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    It’s made by Hood by Air and when I saw it once on sale it was around £2500.
    Designer prices, but a design I am going to have to copy

  3. blacksheep 6 years ago

    WOW! that sounds outrageous even for Designer pricing. I’m thinking more like £250.

  4. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    I hear what you say. The prices some designers charge is outrageous – but some people must be paying those kinds of money.

    Currently working with a leather designer for my own gear and designs – so if you want this making I can find out a price to get it made. The guy I am currently using is very good.

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