1. Jacketbound 6 years ago

    Thanks Blacksheep for sharing this video – looks intense – certainly not much air in that hood as the jacket is worn the normal way around.

    I do love the metalwork – the options you get are incredible


  2. Author
    blacksheep 6 years ago

    Thanks for the help in getting this up. I hope everyone likes it.

    This is a straitjacket from “40 Below Gear”. It’s another one that can be worn with the zip in the front or back. It has 1.5 KG of down fill and has two layers, so 4 layers of nylon! Quite warm and very comfortable if you’re allowed comfort 🙂

    The steel restraint system is from http://www.dungeondelights.com. There are many options and you can buy almost anything your kinky mind can dream up.

  3. Paul Thompson 6 years ago

    wow… looks great. would love to try that myself. 🙂

  4. max1 6 years ago

    Well done for posting it looks great

  5. RADER 6 years ago

    A great way to spend the day. I bet he is glad he is not out in the hot sun.

  6. Boundspike 4 years ago

    WOW – now this I like

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