It was a very hot day, so what was I meant to do?

Well I had a plan – helped by some planning. I had collected my own piss over the course of a few days and now had a bottle full of it in the fridge!

So – the plan was hatched. First up – chastity – easy – then on the end of that a vibrator which would tease me no end!


Next up – a full suit in PVC from Ocean – waterproof fishing suit. Easy


Next up – separate bib and brace and smock in bright orange from Ocean – another layer of PVC.

IMG_4003 IMG_4002

Next up – and a bit more tricky to get on – a viking rubber drysuit. It was in a state of repair but perfect for what I needed as the hood and neck seal needed replacing. Everything else was watertight!


A hood – rubber of course!

IMG_4013 IMG_4016 IMG_4017

Plus a muzzle over the top of it !

Then off to the heat of outside and time to build up a sweat – without being seen.


About an hour later, with movement difficult due to the layers – it was time to use the bottle of piss. I opened the top – and emptied it inside the hood of the PVC fishing gear, and it cascaded down into the drysuit – covering me all over – but there was no way out for it – so I was forced to move around with lots of sweat and piss now sloshing around my boots. I was drenched.

IMG_4022IMG_4026IMG_4031 IMG_4025IMG_4030    IMG_4019

It took me an hour to get back inside and out of the gear, by which time I had been in the gear for over two and half hours in blistering heat! Shame it could not have been longer. Next time!

It was so hot! was originally published on Jacketbound


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