I did one before, but wonder if a new one could start more activity on this site.

So how about this.

I am prepared to let you guys dictate how long I stay locked up – I will post regular pictures showing my locked penis inside the holy trainer as evidence. For every comment to this post I will add 8 hours to my confinement.

But here is the part that I hope will start activity.

For every picture posted showing one of the following – the person posting that picture is adding another number of hours for each picture. But then I can cut short my sentence by posting images too.

So – the following images add certain times – lets say…..

For every image of a straitjacket – even unworn – this adds or removes 4 hours.

For every image of a straitjacket being worn – this adds or removes 8 hours.

For every extra item as well as the straitjacket (hood, cuffs, segufix etc) – this adds or removes 8 hours

For every image of a rubber suit – this adds or removes 8 hours

For every image of complete head to toe bondage – this adds or removes 8 hours.

So be creative – add images – you can add them via the activity page – under your status – feel free to add any images you want – or comment on this post. My chastity is in your hands – but I will do my best to get free as soon as I can by posting pictures – will I get out before more images are posted?????

Hopefully this will spark lots of comments and images onto the site.


The challenge starts now – everything counts !!!

  1. Man 6 years ago

    hope you wil suffer a long time in your straitjacked

  2. ronald 6 years ago

    Lets see how long we can keep you in chastity.

  3. Norm 6 years ago

    Where do we post the pictures? I just got a new straitjacket and need to take some pics anyway!

  4. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    so – that’s 3 comments on here – plus 7 likes on tumblr – so 10 people have added 8 hours to my chastity – so 80 hours! I will be placing myself into chastity later today and posting pictures as proof – but in the meantime – here are some pictures ! So I get some instant time off for good behaviour ! I have posted 3 best of the web images – so I think I deserve at least 12 hours off for that ! – then there are 5 images of me in wtareproofs – so how about giving me back 10 hours for that – then a few images of me locked into straitjacket, waterproofs, rope, muzzle, back to front waterproofs etc – I deserve at least 24 hours for those – so I get off 46 hours from my sentence of 80 – leaving me 34 hours – so I should get out over the weekend ! yeah !

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