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So – I locked myself up a while ago.

With the time set at 311 hours. As I write this I have been locked up for 241 hours. So I should have 90 hours left before I get free.


There has been quite a lot of activity on the site.

Which has added time to my stay in chastity!

Blacksheep has added about 16 hours

Monbon added 4 hours for his post.

I had 12 hours added by commenting on my locked up original post

Nick managed to add me another 52 hours with his picture and following comments. Swine!

Patrick added another 40 hours in picture posting!

And Ken managed to add 20 hours with his video!

So – that adds 144 hours to my chastity ! thanks people !


  1. blacksheep 5 years ago

    We are a devious bunch, aren’t we! 🙂

  2. MindDrive 5 years ago

    Sorry, but the mathematician in me can’t resist, but… 311 – 241 = 70, not 90. 😉

  3. ben69 5 years ago

    JB, how are you coping? When are you being allowed out?


  4. Author
    Jacketbound 5 years ago

    Doing ok – i give myself treats like using a vibrator on my cock – feels great though when i get hard its painful in the chastity !
    losing track – should say lost track – the main point of this was to get the website more active – looks like that has worked – so happy to be locked up for now !!

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