1. blacksheep 5 years ago

    Here, let me give you a hand. I can make sure you can’t end it too soon!

    • Author
      Norm 5 years ago

      I wouldn’t say no to that! Later that evening my mate came home and put the straitjacket over the down suit and teased me on and off for about 3 hours, and didn’t let shoot my load… he never even let me out of the chastity! Sadly, he didn’t want to film anything. Maybe one of these day’s I’ll be able to convince him.

      • ronald 5 years ago

        You are a lucky guy, to been teased like this. Love the muzzle and suit.

  2. Boundspike 4 years ago

    My love for down gear and bondage is very high but what has this to do with strait jackets?

    • Jacketbound 4 years ago

      this site is for bondage lovers – yes there is a focus on straitjackets, sleepsacks etc – but that does not mean we don’t welcome people posting things that fall outside of that.

  3. Boundspike 4 years ago

    Ok Understood

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