1. ronald 4 years ago

    Helpless bound.
    And yes everybody is looking at the red brief at first.
    But i looks very comfy

  2. Norm 4 years ago

    I’m really curious about the design. Is the hood attached? Whats the idea behind the leg straps? It looks like an amazing jacket. I’d love to try it some day!

  3. Author
    blacksheep 4 years ago

    Well, the red is a perforated leather jockstrap I’ve had for some time, but not used much , and in this situation it wasn’t very comfortable.

    The hood is attached and the leg straps take the place of the crotch straps on most fetish S/J’s. They are a LOT more comfortable!

    And while I was at it I had sam add a full leather lining. I love it and can spend hours in its embrace.

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