I have added some new books to the Bound Editions website.

2 New Books from John Strickland will delight all his fans – as they are really good reads !

A new author called Steellock who writes some extreme bondage stories.

Straitjacketed finally gave in to my pressure and has 3 books on sale – so please make sure you check him out.

Plus another 2 books to add to Rubber Al’s portfolio.

so – swing by BoundEditions to check them out – the books will take about 10 weeks to filter through to your favourite ePub supplier – so keep an eye out for them in 2018.

  1. baggedup 3 years ago

    Are these offered in PDF formats?

  2. Author
    Jacketbound 3 years ago

    Hi. A couple of the books are for sale in PDF formats – as we were asked before. The problem is it is quite a bit of work and we get one, maybe two sales in that format. So yes, they will probably all end up in that format as well but it may take quite a while as the demand is just not there.

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