Don’t worry – the site is not closing nor am I walking away from running it.

Recently I sold my Fetters leather straitjacket. Back in September 2018 I got a nice work bonus so used it to buy a new leather lined, locking leather straitjacket. The sad part is that even though I received the jacket before 2018 finished, it is yet to have a single strap fastened ! Such is life.

But my old jacket has found a new home and I hope it gives that person the countless hours of fun I enjoyed from it. Looking back I think the jacket is around twelve to fourteen years old, but you would never know it. After a clean it looked as good now as it did when I first bought it, making me feel better about the amount of money it cost.


  1. glan444 2 years ago

    Very nice, I would do it up for you.

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