It’s a blog – so where else whould I pen thoughts about how things started in a kinky sense for me.

For me, growing up in the UK in the seventies, it was jackets that started things off. Ski jackets, snorkel parkas etc

C&A was full of the great jackets – seventies styled ski jackets – quite simple but very soft and shiny. I used to love shopping for a new one and despite the families lack of cash back then managed to acquire a few to enjoy. I used to love putting the jacket on backwards, as this gave me a huge expanse of the soft material over my chest and if you could do the zip up the back, fasten the neck fasteners then you felt a bit restricted – I guess my first movements towards bondage. Add a hood into the mix and hey presto – the backwards jacket took on a whole new meaning of bondage.

After playing with jackets for a bit I got into tying myself up in my jackets, mostly with the jacket on backwards. I would wait for the folks to depart to go shopping etc then would grab out everythign I needed for a bit of fun. Many a time I had very close escapes as the folks returned back a bit too early and I had a mad dash to free myself and clear up – usually just in time.

I don’t think they knew what I was up to – but who I am kidding – I would not be surprised if they turned around and told me they knew exactly what I was up to.

A few games at school added to my jacket fetish. Playing with a mate one day in the woods, we were both wearing our snorkel parkas when it was suggested we put them on backwards and tie each other up – kind of like a bondage game, but purely innocent. He was a bit nervous so insisted he tied me up first, so I put my snorkel parka on backwards, pulled the hood up, zipped it up all the way and let him tie my hands behind my back. Boy did he do a good job, as I could not free my hands. I really enjoyed the sensation, the darkness, the feel of it. I did not manage to get revenge as we found out it was later than we thought and had to head home. We never did revisit that game.

The web makes me quite jealous as I come across guys into the same thing, but enjoying themselves with others, something I never managed to do until later in life. I was always very self conscious and aware that the feelings I had were not normal and that one day I would grow up and grow out of these perverse feelings. If only I knew then what I knew now. This was before the internet took off and living in a small town did not give me the confidence to approach others and ask if they shared my interests. It took a move to the city and my introduction to the world wide web to seal that.

There are not many websites that have a focus on such interests. It seems the snorkel parka has a following, a couple of sites feature guys wearing ski gear backwards etc – but not many sites to mention.

A few great photographs found recently which show exactly the kind of thing I used to love as a kid – great jackets, shiny materials, hoods up and some bondage thrown in. I wish now, knowing what I do – that I could jump into a time machine and pop back to enjoy that period more fully. Oh well.

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So that’s me – looking back – I can hand on heart say it was the love of these jackets that led onto other things. I used to really love – and still do – the warmth of the jackets – the comfort factor for the bondage and the fact that such an everyday item of clothing could turn into something so kinky and enjoyable. I still hunt out great jackets that I can wear both in public and enjoy at home and have certainly enjoyed the return of the snorkel parka in the UK to mainstream fashion


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