jim b&wIt was a sad week this week as I heard of the death of Jim Stewart.

For those in the know Jim needs no introduction. For those who like straightjackets yet do not know his name – shame on you. Jim was the guy behind the founding of fetters and for the look of the all leather straightjacket that features on so many features and pages on this site.

His all leather armsdown jacket – I believe I am correct in saying, was his design.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and spending time with him when I came down to the big city. I was young and confused by all my fetish desires and Jim took the time to listen and guide me to the conclusion that I was not alone and should follow my desires. his advice helped me become the person I am today.

Without him and his help I may never have discovered the rich world of bondage. His play space upstairs in his old house gave me my first chance to be wrapped in leather head to foot. He had me in leather jeans, boots and a hood before putting me into his all black leather straightjacket. I was in heaven. He wanted me to struggle and found my liking of lying back and savouring every moment puzzling. I was enjoying the warm leather embrace so much I did not want to struggle and try to escape.

Jim died of cancer and from what I have been told it was very quick in the end and he did not suffer too much. Details are still a bit sketchy but I understand he was due to turn 80 on June 2nd this year.

A sad loss and my thoughts are with any close friends and family


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