Ok – so things are slowly starting to return to normal.

I have made a few decisions going forward.

The server I use has been criticised in the past for being a little slow – I am going to live with that. It is a server I use and is paid for so the speed will have to stay – sorry. The site does not generate any cash – so therefore upgrading to a faster server is not really an option.

The amount of users got out of hand last time around. I would rather have a small set of registered users who can access all parts of the site, rather than a huge number of people who do not contribute. So going forward I think the rule for registered users will be simple – 6 months with no activity on the site means the user obviously does not want to be part of the site any longer so will be suspended – then deleted after another period (allowing them time to get in touch just in case of unforseen circumstances)

There are lots of videos on the site I need to restore. These will be put back soon – promise. Plus with the tumblr integration I hope there will be a lot more posts happening on this site.

Those who try and access this site on their smart phone or tablet will see the site works across all platforms. I hope that helps people get to the site wherever they are.
If people can contribute to the site that has always been my main aim for the site. To be a site where people can meet, discuss thoughts and meet others.

So – any suggestions for the site – please let me know. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the return of the site.


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