A while back I started a new venture. Whether it was age or just a change in interests but I was always a visual person. Still am. But I found a love for the written word and especially bondage related stories.

For those who know me, I have penned a few stories myself. Call it complete indulgence but the thought of having a book on sale with my stories. Well I had to try that out.

So I started the idea of Bound Editions.

The aim was to find authors who I liked and thought others would like and try to sign them up so I could make books of their stories too.

With a lot of help from the wife, who coded the website into what it is, we launched Bound editions just over two years ago now.

I have to say a big thank you to all those authors who signed up. We have some amazing talent out there.

In signing them up I did make it clear that I did not expect this venture to make them rich overnight. Some authors have not had the sales I expected. Some have done rather well. Ok – they still have day jobs, but I hope the finances raised has managed to buy them bits of new kink.

Bound Editions is ever expanding. recently we started art books, photo books. But we still pursue the best fiction and non fiction writers around. So if you want to see your own book of stories, get in touch.

Houdini_Connections Tyjord_book2 Tyjord_book1 TheAgency Strickland_Zac21st Strickland_PVCPackage Mr_D_discoveries Marky_Mark_Strapping_stories_full_cover MM_TrustUs Strickland_FurtherAdventures Strickland_RainyDays Strickland_RainingAgain_cover mortice_book2 mortice_tftw3_full_cover mortice_book1 max_mock_up KeagangoesShopping LongDistanceControlTrip JamesW_sealed In the Vice_full_cover Hooder_storybook1 Hooder_2front_cover_full JamesW_selena_Training Lulu_cover_JB_01_cover MantoManStuff JamesW_slave_selena JB_Photo_01 DarkTales Beginnings_full_cover Diagm_TheApprentice Eckie_short_stories_05 Eckie_short_stories_04 Eckie_short_stories_06 FantasyAndRealityinPVC GettingItTogether Eckie_short_stories_03 Brighton_Front Book 2 Eckie_short_stories_02 Eckie_short_stories_01

We now sell all our books in almost every outlet. The only exception being photo books. All others you can buy from the iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Amazon and of course Lulu. If you have never seen a printed copy then you should check one out as the quality is superb. Which is a shame as then world seems to want ePubs nowadays and print copies really are dying out.

If you have not yet checked out Bound Editions please do so. Supporting the authors out there inspires them to write more, which benefits us.

To all those who have bought our books, a huge thank you for your support.



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