Eventually I will flick the switch to make this website private and for members only once again, but I have work to do ahead of that.

The user list is being repopulated. I have a back up of the old database which I am managing to pull apart and copy data across. The old user list exceeds 10000 users, but most of that is spam! So getting all the verified users back may take a while.

Once that is done I can put the profile data back, the album images, messages etc

I have started putting back the photos in your profile albums, plus your avatars, but this is time consuming, so please bear with me.

I have set up some groups – though not sure if they will get used as I have put in place a good forum. Please feel free to make use of it.

Going forward I may put a date into place where I aim to get as much data put back as I can, but beyond that date I may just ask you add it yourself.

Will keep you posted – see how bogged down with databases and code I get.


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