1. blacksheep 6 years ago

    I’m back, and thanks for the praise. I’ve been “tied up” a lot lately and hope to be able to share some of it with you.

  2. blacksheep 6 years ago

    Just in case I’m not able to post here any time soon, you can see lots of my bondage adventures on my Tumblr: 1blacksheep2.tumblr.com


  3. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    It’s great to see you on this site. Your bondage images are so hot! I remember your postings on the old jacketbound site with you in head to toe leather – which were so great – but now with all your down gear as well stunning.

    I do love your steel system you use for bondage. So versatile in positions – though lying on it in bondage can’t be that comfortable. May have to get a system like that though – as the sitting position – that’s something I could definitely do with.

  4. blacksheep 6 years ago

    The secret to using the steel system lying down is that I use a couple of foam-backed sheepskin pads to cushion my back side. It’s still not that soft, but it allows me to stay that way for at least several hours.

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