In what I hope to be a regular feature, I am going to single out one book that is currently on sale on Bound editions and tell you a little about it.

Some may be familiar with the books, but if you are not then it may offer something new to experience and enjoy.

This month, shameless promotion, is my first book.

Lulu_cover_JB_01_epub_coverThe book is a collection of stories written some time ago now. I had great feedback from the stories as they were written. Writing them gave me great pleasure. Some more so than others.

The book contains a total of 9 stories and runs to over 125 pages. Of all the stories, I have favourite parts to most stories.

The idea of being locked into rubber catsuits at a fetish party is a strong fantasy of mine – as outlined in “New Years Eve”

“Then we realised what they were exactly, and were confronted with the rubber gags and the plastic eyes. What the hell, it would only be for a moment or two, as we inserted the gags, and then proceeded to full the top zip down from the hood to the zip in the back of the suit. With a bit of effort we were sealed in. But not finished. The collars were still not attached, and he wanted to see those finish the outfits off. So we turned around and let the collars be reattached.

We were then done. The collars were back on the necks of us both. But this is where the night took its twist. The collars had now been fastened back on us, and padlocked, with the padlock going through both ring pulls of the two zippers and locking them to the collar.

We were now locked into our suits, and to top it all off, gagged and looking out from behind two clear plastic eye inserts!!

For me, this was an unbelievable experience, but my mate did not quite see the enjoyment of it all. For as we turned back to see our friend and ask for his approval on the suits and for release, we turned to realise he had slipped into the crowd, with our keys.

Now, we were stuck.

And unable to raise much of a protest, as our mouths were filled with the rubber gags.

We had searched the club for a full hour before surrendering to the fact that our friend, and indeed our keys, were gone. Faced with this, we decided to head back.”


There are lots of other great ideas for great play – being forced into rubber on a tube! Being mistaken for somebody into lots of kink and subjected to full rubber bondage and humiliation!

Then there is “Clothing Challenge”. Around that time I was chatting to somebody online about similar kind of challenges – and this story started. It never happened – do I wish it had? Would I have the nerves?

“The first things you will be doing is taking the butt plug and the small amount of lube, and inserting the butt plug up your arse. Then take the cb6000 and lock that penis of yours away using one of the padlocks provided. There are no keys for any of the padlocks in this rucksack, so be careful and make sure each is applied correctly. Then take out the full catsuit you are so proud of, and get that on. Padlock the suit zippers together behind your neck. Then take the locking ball gag, place it in your mouth, secure the straps, and lock that on with another padlock. That gets you in full rubber and chastity and plugged. But now how do we get you on the streets. Well for that we have the following items.

The bright blue nylon dungarees that look more at home in a boy band video will cover your legs. They are one of my favourite pairs so treat them well, then to cover your upper part is a goggle jacket you have mentioned so much. Call it a gift. Then there is one last padlock, which you will find locks the zipper at the top of the hood when done up .Now get dressed and get to this address. I will be watching from afar to make sure all is well. See you there . . . . . . if you want the key to freedom!

Now my heart was racing.

I took the butt plug, spread some lube onto it, and inserted it slowly. It was small and just about the only size I felt comfortable with. It popped into place nicely. The cb6000 would ensure no hardon for a while, which roved a struggle as it took all my concentration to reduce the one I had in order to get the thing on to start with.

The rubber suit hung very limp when I pulled it from the rucksack, but I knew it would transform when it had me inside. The thrill of getting into full rubber in a public toilet was great. The fear of somebody knocking on the door and forcing their way in to find me head to toe in rubber meant I got into the suit as quickly as possible. The rubber was cold at first touch, but as my legs found their home, I knew the rubber would soon warm around me. The suit went on very easily. It was my favourite suit and I had spent many an hour inside it. The gloves on the end of the sleeves hit home to me, and I realized that unless I kept my hands in my pockets for the trip to come, others would see the rubber on my hands. The hood was pulled up and over my head easily, and I stood as far back as I could to catch my reflection in the small mirror inside the toilet. Wow. Full rubber, my kind of clothing. One click later and the padlock sealed me into the suit for the next 4 hours.

The ball gag was thankfully not too big. It slid behind my teeth easily and I pulled the straps behind my head and pulled it tight. One padlock later and I was totally and effectively gagged. I was not sure I was going to be able to handle that for 4 hours. But then I realized I had passed the point of having a say in the matter.

The nylon dungarees were loud. Literally and every other way. They would make a big nylon swoosh as I walked, and were really in your face. Nate was right they looked like they had come from a MTV music video, but they were really soft and felt good. They slipped on with ease and I was soon putting the straps over my shoulders to hold them up. I pulled on my trainers next, and reached for the jacket. This was going to be a challenge. The goggle jackets had causes a stir in the UK when they hit the streets about a year ago.

They were adopted by the youth culture as they had a full hood which zipped up the front and completely enclosed the head. You could see out from behind mirror lenses for the eyes, but your identity was completely hidden.

The police did not like them, and all shops had banned anybody from wearing them upon entering for fear of being robbed.

I pulled the jacket on, and once my arms were happy in the sleeves, I pulled the hood up and proceeded to pull the full zip up the front. Soon, my vision became slightly impaired behind the mirror lenses, as the zipped reached the very top of the hood. I discovered a small metal d ring at the zipper end, and pulled the last padlock out, attached it to the d ring and the end of the zipper, and clicked the padlock shut.

I stood back and looked into the mirror again. If it was raining outside, then I may get away with this. As it was a completely hooded reflection greeted me. Ok, some of the clothes looked in your face, but this is London and trust me, there are a lot worse on the streets. Little did the guy on the street know that behind all that was a completely hooded, gagged, plugged and chastity rubber wearer.

Oh god. The moment of complete fear. I picked up the rucksack, looked at the address through the mirrored lenses, took in all the details of the next meeting place, and grabbed for the door handle in order to leave the toilets. This was either going to be great fun or the most nervous four hours of my life.

Time would tell, as the toilet door handle was released and I stepped out into the unknown.”

You can read the full stories and buy the book HERE



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