1. Jacketbound 6 years ago

    Great video; I did something else once with a rubber bondage suit I had ordered without my wife\’s knowledge. Unfortunately, buy he time I was finally all buckled in (two layers, total enclosure, I couldn\’t get out. Lent itself to a pretty embarrassing encounter when she returned home. Good luck and keep up the fine work.

  2. Col 6 years ago

    Great video, I’d love to break into your place when you’d got yourself secured – I’d have you gagged and buckled in securely before you knew what was happening!!


  3. Col 6 years ago

    Beware! o once got myself into a Medium Posey using all front and side loops fell over and my safety string unraveled so I couldn’t get out of the fucking thing!. I was stuck in it for 7 hours until my partner came home from work – It took me weeks to live that down. Stupid bastard.


  4. Col 6 years ago

    BTW, I meant that I was the stupid bastard.


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