It’s brilliant having this site back up – but one of the best reasons it bringing people back into your life that you had lost contact with.

One of those is straitjacketed who I met at the very start of my kink life.

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We chatted a lot and met on very rare occasions. His advice and help chatting made me feel much better about myself in terms of my kink.

We shared a great shopping trip to the old Detainer shop at one point, where we strapped each other into some amazing straitjackets.

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He used to have what was the best blog around.

I know he is an incredible busy man but maybe, just maybe we can persuade him to post lots on this site to give us the true insight into his fetish mind. If you have not yet read his story he posted on this site then swing by the forums.

I am glad he is a member of this site.

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  1. Jacketbound 6 years ago

    Aww, shucks! Without going into the whole sorry tale, there were problems with Blogger as a platform. If this site\’s likely to stick around, I\’d be happy to contribute more and longer posts. And yes, I remember that trip to Detainer! I also remember your pre-Internet video clips of straitjacketing in action. Very cool.

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