We had been flatmates for a while now. Some two years to be exact.

But what had happened in the last twenty four hours was going to change things forever.

In those years we had lived together, I had never guessed or been shown signs that my flatmate was into kinky play.

Let me fill you in.

I was halfway through watching a film yesterday when Dave, my flatmate came into the living room. He was bored, and started trying to start various conversations with me. To be honest I was more interested in the film, much to his annoyance.

He tried very hard to strike up a conversation, but I just wanted to be lazy and immerse myself in the film. He was getting more irate at this as time went on. He was going on about all sorts, about what interests me, what I like, his fashion tastes etc.

I should perhaps explain that although we were flatmates, our busy work schedules meant we did not spend much time in each others company, and we did not know each other that well. I guess we had chatted about half a dozen times since I moved in.

The film was difficult to follow. Every time I got immersed, a new question would be asked and throw me off the plot.

He started asking all kinds of questions, about if I would model some clothes for him so he could do some photographs.
My head was all murky, as I could not work out what he was going on about or why he wanted my help. He kept going on and on though. My peace and quiet was disappearing.

[xtube id=”7qG4c-G498-” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]


Eventually, his persistent questions were driving me mad. I wanted my peace, I wanted to be rid of him,  so I said I would help him for an hour or so if he left me alone after that to relax. He agreed. I was not ready though for what came next.

He disappeared into his room, only to emerge some two minutes later holding three items in his arms. As he walked in he explained he wanted some photos of this gar so that he could sell it on ebay. So I would have to model this stuff to help him, then he could disappear and get the photos sorted and the ebay auction started.

He dropped the items onto the floor in front of me. All I could see was a mass of black leather and straps.  I
could never had imagined what these items were. I had never seen anything like them before.

I picked up the smallest item. A black leather hood. It had small perforations for the eyes, small nose holes and a hole for the mouth. But then it also had some coverings to snap over those areas to leave the person wearing it blinded.

Not only was I amazed that these things existed, I was shocked that my flatmate had them. I had no idea.

Next I picked up some sort of shorts. I was informed they were chastity shorts. Very strange indeed, they were locking shorts that trapped the penis away behind a large leather flap, and the shorts were then padlocked on – so you could not remove them.

[xtube id=”3k6Ks-G398-” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]


I was led to his bedroom, where I was laid on my back on the bed and chained down to it. Chains at the collar, chains at the waist and also cuffs and chains were added to my ankles as I was spread-eagled on the bed. I was completely helpless. I did try and protest through the leather hood, but just got told that for the pictures to look authentic I had to go through with this.

All I hoped was that the pictures did not take too long. For some reason I found my predicament quite appealing, and I was developing a hard on. I just prayed that Dave did not see this. I would never live down the embarrassment.

Oh well – I was here now, I could not get out – so I just lay back and hoped Dave would not be long taking the photos.

I waited, whilst enjoying my situation.

And waited

Its now the next day. Well that much I think I know. Though I cant tell you what time it is.

I have been here all night. I slept a bit – but off and on I have been in heaven and hell. You see, Dave has lied to me. He isn’t interested in taking photos. Instead, I have become his pet project. He has promised to release me tonight. But insists I have my eyes opened to the joys of leather bondage fun.

He has been teasing me badly. First he started using a vibrator on the outside of my leather shorts. That was wonderful. The sensations, the feel – was amazing. But just as I started to really enjoy it, he stopped. Then he started to use some nipple clamps on me. That was heaven and hell. Then later he undid the front leather panel to the shorts to gain direct access to my penis.

He then continued, and just as I thought I would explode, he stopped again. This time he attached something round my penis. I have been told I m now locked into a CB2000 – which is a chastity device to stop me from exploding!!!!! What torture.

I so want to finish this off by coming. But I have no control over this.

I have rounds of being left alone to struggle – though not get very far.

I have had really bad teasing – both with the CB2000 on and without it

To be honest, I could develop a liking for this. As long as I get to come. The frustration is incredible.

[xtube id=”Vmr1y-G498-” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]
I think I will explode when I do finally get to come. Please let it be soon.

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  1. ronald 6 years ago

    Love this story and video. Wish this was me.

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