Recently people using the Blogger system to have a website / blog were scared when Google announced they were terminating all accounts that had adult material. Since then they did an about turn and said that they would leave those accounts alone.

Jacketbound first started off on Ning, many years ago. It had a good site and lots of people but then Ning did what Google threatened and closed down the adult content.

Adult content is something the bigger companies don’t like., which is why I decided to have my own site and be in control.

Not many others have that option.

Which is why recently I extended a hand to one person whose site I swung by once in a blue moon to offer him free space for his blog.

He is now fully setup and for the first time has his own site that he can do with what he wants and he is enjoying the experience.

So – an offer. Even though Google for the moment have gone back and left adult sites alone, I will offer anybody who wants it free hosting and a website / blog (for the first year unfortunately – after that a small nominal fee of say £5 to £7 a year).

If anybody wants to take me up on this offer just get in touch and I will set things up (you would need your own domain name) and get things all ready for that person to then take control of their own content. I think I am right in saying that if you already have a blogger account, WordPress lets you suck the contents from that blog into your new blog so you can keep everything you have ever posted (need to check that but I think that is correct).

So – if I can help anybody escape the clutches of the bigger companies and have their own site – shout.

If ever you decide to leave my hosting, it’s easy on the future just to transfer the whole site, content and all to somewhere new – so you are not tied to me like you are to a bigger company. I am here to help.

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