Ok – here is a post that I hope will generate quite a lot of response.

I am currently working on something that could translate into something good.

Leather Straitjackets.

If you had the chance of making a custom leather straitjacket – what would it look like?

What features? Locking straps? jacket with shorts attached? attached hood? pinion straps? colour? different configuration of straps? Nipple access?

What would your thoughts be if you could make ‘the perfect straitjacket’ in leather.

Any comments and thoughts appreciated, as this could become a real jacket – very soon!

  1. MindDrive 6 years ago

    Well, since I told myself to start getting more involved here, here goes…

    The custom straitjacket I’ve been thinking about for a while now would actually be a straitjacket and sleepsack combination. Heavy on the straps (including pinion straps – those are must for me nowadays 🙂 ), and all lockable even though getting out on my own would be pretty difficult without locks! Also completely leather lined inside to make it more intense.

    As for the color, I’m actually partial to dark purple (yeah yeah, go ahead and snicker), and while I wouldn’t want an attached hood, a matching muzzle/gag would be really nice. I think that about rounds it out. 🙂

  2. Darren 6 years ago

    Hi Guys!

    I have always had an interest in having a custom straitjacket/s.
    A full leather straitjacket in black with attached chastity shorts and removable/attachable isolation hood. The hood could be attached by interlocking loops between the jacket and hood of which a collar strap could be passed through to lock them together.
    Plenty of straps (there are never enough). Maybe 6 or 7 from the collar down to the waist, 2 crotch straps (just for the extra secure and tight feeling). Also side loops and 3 front straps to lock the arms into place against the chest.
    Plenty of adjustment in the straps (to get it good and tight) and all of the buckles should be lockable.
    Also the jacket should have plenty of D rings, to be ale to tie down or secure to other objects.

    I hope my ideas inspire you.

  3. doctorjohn 6 years ago

    Soft shiny squeaky leather, attached shorts and full hood with back zip through crotch and lots of straps and buckles on the back. Two 1.5″ straps around neck, one high and one low, breath through cock gag the only opening on the hood, and a latex lining. Also, wrist and pinion straps. Shorts should come down to just above the knees with a strap in the hem so they can be strapped together or just tightened around the thigh. Hope that gets you guys going; my girlfriend is the designer!

  4. McAndrews 6 years ago

    Id have to say a full leather straight jacket with a rubber lining on the in side with attached leather chastity lockable shorts would make most folk smile more so if around the collar was one half of a zip that a leather hood could also be zipped to.

  5. john1248 6 years ago

    The jacket should be black leather, thick but quite supple. Either unlined, or leather-lined. Plenty of lockable straps and especially D-rings. No attached hood or shorts, but neck and waist designed to accommodate a hood and shorts (matching material of course!). This aspect needs some thought, particularly at the neck, so that the appearance and feel at the neck is neat and snug, with or without a hood. And the jacket needs to finish a little higher on the waist than conventionally.

    One point that has not been mentioned so far is sizing. Being quite slim, I know that an over-large sj really doesn’t work – it doesn’t feel at all good, and looks terrible in pics. So custom-made includes being customised to an individual.

  6. ben69 6 years ago

    It’s a very good question JB.

    The things that make bondage more exciting for me are a complete inability to move that body part which is bound, along with the idea of ‘overkill’ in terms of restraint. Why use a couple of metres of rope to restraint wrists when a complex web of shibari work could make the entire upper body immobilised?

    This is one of the reasons I like leather sleepsacks. Movement is initially restricted by arms in their sleeves. Then it is all made more constricting by pulling the lacing tight. And then if that wasn’t enough, there are several straps to pull it all tighter still, before roping the sack down to a bed or board.

    With a straitjacket, I don’t think attached hood or shorts would appeal to me. A victim could be hooded first, so they were unaware of what might be coming.

    The collar, as John1248 suggests, should fit neatly and snugly with a separate hood. I like 2 crotch straps, as the pressure and constriction in that area also appeals.

    I wonder whether there could be some rope lacing on the back of the jacket? It could be cinched tighter in the right places – initially laced into it, before the 4 or 5 leather straps along the back were pulled a bit tighter. The jacket body would need to be shaped so that it could be tighter at the waist but still leave enough breathing space in the chest.

    I also like the idea of a separate harness which fits over the jacket and maybe provides all of the anchor or suspension points. This could make the appearance of the jacket from the front fairly simple and relatively clear of straps and D rings. Once laced, and the back and crotch straps secured (and before the arms are folded) a separate and complex harness, dripping with straps, slips over the shoulders, which when fully strapped on pulls everything still tighter and more restrictive. Perhaps this could have a removable codpiece, tailing into a single strap to pull through to the back.

    I imagine the harness to have lots of belts and D rings. The harness could have maybe three vertical belts to strap the forearms to the front of the jacket to stop movement there.

    I also like pinion straps, but I think these should be wider than they normally are, and the loop which envelopes the biceps should be made of the same leather as the jacket (and effectively be the same width as the bicep). This might allow the pinion mechanism to be strapped tighter. The upper arm would then be held tightly in place next to the body, and with the three straps on the harness the forearms would have no room to move up or down, nor outwards.

    I like nipple access in practise, but feel the look of the jacket is better when the chest area is more plain.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up with. Are you making it yourself or by one of the bigger manufacturers?

  7. JohnStrickland 6 years ago

    It’s great reading all your ideas.
    My best leather straitjacket was one made by Jim Stewart of Fetters, and is in one of the pictures JB has published in the post of an interview about my books.
    I loved that jacket and it got a hell-of-a-lot of wear. I say ‘loved’ because I was real skinny back then and ‘normal’ now, so I sold it as it was several sizes too small for me.
    In fact, John1248 got me thinking back to a problem I had back then. I was 6’3″ tall ( 190 centimetres ) yet only weighed 10 stone 4 ( 71 Kilos / about 145 pounds ). My body was so thin and my arms so long that it was difficult to strap my arms up tightly around me. So Jim put two straps on the sleeve ends which ran down the sides of the sleeve end ( with my fingers between them, so to speak ), rather than a strap attached to the end of the sleeve.
    Pinion straps helped, but I don’t like the look of a strap completely crossing my back ( you know how we are caught up in detail ), although I couldn’t see my back when in the jacket anyway.
    But being so thin, my arms went around my body so far, my wrists were pulled at about 90 degrees, which became painful. Now I am of a ‘normal’ stature, I can ( and have to ) wear a jacket for hours, and it remains comfortable.
    I love really black, really shiny leather. Leather-lined is good, too. I don’t like tit-flaps as they make the jacket decidedly gay-bondage. Although useful, I am not a fan of D-rings everywhere. I tend to like institutional jackets and historical ones and I don’t associate D-rings with those.
    I love my jackets to be long, even to the length where the crotch strap just pulls the jacket together between the legs. I love the idea of a cod-piece that tapers to become a strap, and had that feature on a canvas-and-leather jacket.
    I want a Houdini-style leather jacket, black and brown, with lots of reinforcements and a yoke with rivets, like they used at the turn of the 20th century when it was difficult for them to sew through several thicknesses of material. I love the jackets from back then. Whereas a canvas Posey jacket is very effective and I have spent very long hours comfortably and inescapably restrained in one, the jackets back then were meant to intimidate, threaten and punish without respect to the prisoner. They had high collars and were long in the body- They were all riveted leather and canvas and the violent prisoner was enclosed from crotch to chin.
    Whereas I love a jacket to be locking, I think that padlocks on every buckle give the jacket a Christmas-tree effect which I don’t like. Therefore I prefer the collar to lock and the sleeve strap or straps, too. Padlocks on the crotch straps make the jacket totally inescapable, but for long-term wear, and that is something I am really into, you have to get at your parts sometime. A man’s gotta pee!
    Whereas I love being put into leather restraints and held down to a couch or bed, I like to be able to move around while imprisoned in a straitjacket. I like to be able to struggle and roll around, and not be fixed immovably to a bed.
    My ideal situation would be kept in a ( padded ) cell in a leather straitjacket with a leather muzzle over my mouth.
    And not be let out, of course!

  8. baggedup 6 years ago

    One of my favorites has to be the one I bought from Mr. S. It’s all black, with quilted sleeves, locking buckles and pinion straps. The quilted sleeves was a huge selling point for me. There’s just something about that look.

    Also,the locking buckles – those have become a must-have for me. As Ken mentioned, there is no way I am getting out anyway, but seeing those locks, and hearing them snap into place gets my heart pumping!!

    As for the pinion straps, you can never have enough straps. I am all about layers, so the extra straps just add to the entire experience. Part of it is of course the visual, but having the arms even more immobilized than they already are is all part of the fun.

    The attached hood isn’t a must for me. As someone on this site already knows, I have a huge fetish for bandanas also. I envision being layered up with a few bandana gags, and then a locking muzzle placed on top of that.

    And did someone say padded cell?!! That is my biggest unfulfilled fantasy. I would love to spend an extended period of time locked in a strait jacket and a padded cell – perhaps with another strait jacketed prisoner!

    By the way – never thought about the attached shorts. I never tried those. But, thinking about this now, I’m all for them – especially if they are locked on as well.

  9. JRCURIOUS 1 5 years ago

    This has been on my ;bucket list’! Please check my profile for my ultimate desire. First to be placed into lockable fist mitts. Then a extremely padded discipline helmet placed on my head strung up very snug and buckled tight followed by padlocked so that the key holder is the one who can let me out of my dilemma.

    Next, a very heavy quilted leather straitjacket applied buckled tight so movement would be difficult for me. The more straps the better. Of course it needs to be padlocked also so NO outside assistance will be able to release me only the key holder.

    As for the gag a muzzle type ball gag should be used on me with it being padlocked once applied. That should divert my attention from tobacco consumption.

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