I used to have a great Belstaff PVC suit. The stormshield in blue and grey. Lightweight and unlined. It had to go as it was worn out so I had been keeping an eye on eBay for ages. Well it paid off, not once but twice. So what better way to spend the day gardening than to wear both suits. In honour to the likes of Jacob Rubber, I turned the first suit inside out, then put that suit on. The second suit was worn in traditional manner.

IMG_3774_Snapseed IMG_3775_Snapseed

It made a hot day  and the inside suit became very slippery very quickly.


  1. SebastianFalicon 6 years ago

    Also means of course that you have a suit for a guest if they just happen to drop in. Two people in the same kit; that’s a powerful idea and image. And, now that you have got your stormshield fix, means that there is more chance for the rest of us to bid successfully!

  2. SebastianFalicon 6 years ago

    And of course, duly encouraged, bit and won a stormshield one piece in graphite and grey. Just right for the countryside and will be quite snug so will make a good first layer (well, rains hard so need to be properly protected)

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