A problem on the site was bought to my attention recently. It was known to me, but I forgot to get it fixed.

On the forums, you do not get a chance to add images into replies. That is not good.


If anybody wants to add something, please feel free to add a post entry.

After you log in – there is a bar at the top of the internet window showing your log in name – and there is also a PLUS sign with NEW alongside it.

This will allow you to create a blog entry just like this – but it gives you upload facility for images etc and is much more powerful then the forum section. You will post things and it will associate your avatar and your name to the post, so people can click on your profile to find out more.

So I encourage anybody who wants to, have a play with this and start posting. It will make the site richer in content and better for everybody!

  1. blacksheep 6 years ago

    I don’t see the “+New” when I log in. Maybe I’m not doing something right.

    • Author
      Jacketbound 6 years ago

      Hi Blacksheep
      Really good to see you on the site as I love your imagination and what you get up to.
      I checked your settings and they had not been set right – so you should now be able to add a post – please confirm.

  2. blacksheep 6 years ago

    Thanks, I can see it now and will try it as soon as I get a chance.

  3. blacksheep 6 years ago

    I’m able to post now. I have a video in .mp4 format that I would like to post and I don’t see a way to do it. Is this possible and if so how do I go about it?

  4. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    You should be able to add images and videos using the ‘add media’ button.
    Videos though are hot and miss. It may work. I think MP4 and M4V’s are the only one’s that will work.
    If you get problems – you either need to have the video hosted somewhere (like x tube) or send it me via email – and I can make sure it is the correct format and insert it into the post.

    To get this website to accept all video formats and convert it for the masses would take quite a bit of work and expense – so fingers crossed this works.

  5. blacksheep 6 years ago

    Well I’d try but I can’t find the ‘add media’ button. I think I’m going blind.

  6. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    arrrggghhhhhhhh – ok – apologies

    I just tested this and you are right – not what i was expecting to see – sorry
    Let me look into this and try and fix! sorry again

  7. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    ok – have tried a new plugin that claims to let you add images to a status update – see what you see and if it works – will test it tomorrow

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