1. blacksheep 6 years ago

    Looks positively HOT!

  2. SebastianFalicon 6 years ago

    And so practical. So easy to forget which bit of the garden you left the trussed boy in and a bright orange outermost layer helps. Would be tempting to get the tester geared up in the evening and leave them as the light faded and the temperature dropped so that the test could go on longer. And, could test out the waterproofing with the sprinklet (although soggy leather where the SJ shows would not be that good an idea. I suppose what it means is that I need to get some of the kit for the country place………….

  3. doctorjohn 6 years ago

    I love wearing the straitjacket under the rainsuit; we used to do that with my wife and one of her leather or rubber trench coats (depending on the sj of course). Who got to do the binding???

  4. ben69 6 years ago

    Great photos. I need to try me some of this rainwear. Looks good, and sounds like it feels even better on.

  5. SebastianFalicon 6 years ago

    Have been trying out the smock for a couple of hours, very well made and very comfortable, will add the matching trousers so properly kitted and see about a “publicity still” or two

  6. Author
    Jacketbound 6 years ago

    glad you have been testing the smock – 2 hours sounds like a good start – you need the trousers now and then some good testing photos!

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