The day was going well. It was a glorious sunny day – I reckon around 25 degrees which in the UK counts as one hot day !

It was also a lazy day.

But not for long.

I was told to get ready for a car ride. Ok – nice day for a drive so I took myself off to the car and fastened myself in.

The drive was good – the colours on the surrounding fields were incredible. Summer certainly was bringing out the best of the area.

We had only gone about 20 minutes when we stopped.

Out! I was told

I looked around, not much to see by here apart from some trees and empty fields.

Out! came the order again, so I got out of the car, expecting the car to be locked and a walk to begin.

Strip! was the next instruction.

What? No way was I going to strip. Ok it was a quiet area, but farmers went by and the odd car went by as well.


Or Else!

I looked at the gaze meeting me back. The eyes were intense. I knew the consequences if I did not follow orders. So I started to strip.

Everything off!

I moved just onto the grass verge and stripped. My shoes and even my socks came off. I was stood there in nothing more than my chastity device.

I felt very exposed.

Behind the tree! was the next order.

I turned to look at the tree in question.

That’s the one! Go!

I turned my body and no sooner had I done so than the car door slammed shut and the car sped off.


What was I to do. I ran for the tree, more for cover than anything else. The only thing I still had in my hand was my mobile phone! Nothing to cover myself up with.

As I approached the tree I saw something bright orange on the ground.


I moved toward it.


There was some orange ‘high viz’ clothing on the ground and a white plastic bag.

I emptied the bag and looked for clues. Inside was a note.

“Get this gear on, all done up, hood as well. Then take the padlocks inside the bag and chain yourself up like a raingear sub you are. There are connecting ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and a collar. There is also an few padlocks, one secures the chain on the wrist cuffs around your waist, the other pulls the remaining chain up the back of you to secure to the collar. Get all this on, get home and avoid being seen. That may be more difficult that you think – the postman does his rounds in half an hour and I think the farmers are planting in an hour in the field by us. If you don’t put the gear on or use the chains and padlocks properly, I will chain you up to the tree in all this gear overnight for all to see who drive past”

And that was it.

I looked at the mass of chains and pulled them apart to work out what was what.


IMG_3871_SnapseedSo I bent down, picked up the orange gear and started to pull it on. It was heavy PVC, the stuff farmers and fishermen use. The first item was the orange bib and braces. I was very slow putting them on. I did not want to make too much noise, in case somebody was close by.

Next up the smock. It was lovely to feel. Soft and slippery to the touch. Over the head it went and pulled down into place. Remembering the instructions, the hood was pulled up.

I was already quite hot! The sun was high in the sky and it did not take long for the PVC to warm up it’s wearer.

So I sat on the ground and looked at the chains and the padlocks. I figured lets just get this done so I can get back home.


I took the first ankle cuff and pulled it around my left leg.


Within a minute I had secured both ankles into the waiting cuffs. I pulled the chain around my waist for the wrist cuffs and padlocked that shut.


I then pulled the collar around my neck, and feeling behind my head, secured the padlock to the long end of the chain.


All that was left were my wrists. I pulled the left cuff onto my wrist and put a padlock in the waiting loop.


Not sure why I hesitated, but I saw this as one of the last points before I would be well and truly stuck. But my caged penis spoke and instructed me to click the padlock shut.


The right one followed soon after and I stood myself up. Which is not the easiest thing to do when you short lengths of chain on your wrists and ankles.

It was then I realised just how restrictive the chains were. Especially walking. My step was only about 8 inches long. The 20 minute car ride meant I probably had a good hour or two walk and these chains just made it a whole lot worse for me.


And with that I set off. Sweat already trickling down my chest and back. My head was sticky and every sound and movement made me stop and fear somebody coming. This was going to be a tough trip back !


To be continued…..

The Challenge was originally published on Jacketbound


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