Well – it’s been a while since I posted on here – apologies. Anybody that knows me knows that late summer marks the busiest time of my year with work and this year certainly was no exception. It was brutal !

I thank everybody for the adding of time for me to spend in chastity – I managed just over 18 days in the end before I just had to beg for release. At that point I was the horniest I think I have ever been and my balls had become slightly swollen and they were large and a bit sore. The colour of them had changed and were quite dark and with a huge amount of work looming (and all I could think about was kink, kink, kink) I was released.

It was a great event – and one I will repeat. I may have to shell out for a holy trainer – as they sound softer and easier to wear for extended periods, plus don’t have the annoying padlock to add to the bulge. Though I do quite like the padlock – it reminds me its locked on! No point it being there if you were not aware of the frustration!

So I hope next time I try this you are all as generous with adding time and I promise next time to see out the time given to me – honest !!


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