Waterproofs4you are running a Competition.

Up for grabs is your choice of the following items (either a,b,c,d or e):



a: Ocean 540g Classic PVC Trawl Frock in size 2XL Olive colour or

b: Ocean 700g Heavy Duty PVC Bib and Brace in size 2XL Olive colour or

c: One Set of Ocean Comfort Stretch Jacket and matching Bib and Brace in size 2XL in Olive or

d: Ocean 325g Off Shore PVC Bib and Brace in size 2XL Olive colour or

e: Ocean 540g Classic PVC Smock in size 2XL Yellow colour


All the items are brand new and unworn. All items come bagged in their original bags. The competition is geared for those living in the UK, but open to anybody. Only those in the UK will receive the winning item sent to them free of charge. If you are outside the UK and you win, you must pay the shipping costs involved to receive the winning item.


To stand a chance of winning one of the above prizes we are asking entrants to submit a picture to us which shows you or a friend / loved one in their waterproof clothing. You could be outside, inside, getting rained on, enjoying a walk in the sun, doing some activity out and about – anything you like but a photograph which shows waterproof clothing being enjoyed in some situation.

The winning photograph should be well composed or capture a unique moment. Be full of colour or moody black and white. Be in focus unless the blur is intentional. Be 100% original and owned by the person submitting it. Be at least 800 pixels along one of its sides (so not too small please !)

Send all entries to


Please read the conditions of the competition:

All entries must arrive via email to Waterproofs4you by midnight on Saturday 5th September 2015. Any entries received after that time and date will not be considered. The winning photograph will be decided upon by the owners of Waterproofs4you and their decision is final. The winning entry will be notified by email within 72 hours of the closing date in order to confirm the postal address and their choice of winning item. The item will then be sent out to any address in the UK free of charge. If anybody wants to submit an entry to this competition from outside the UK then we will allow the entry but should they win the competition, then the winner, if they are outside the UK must pay for postage of the item to be delivered to them.

Waterproofs4you reserve the right to use any photographs submitted to this competition in publicity and press releases and also on any related website to promote Waterproofs4you or associated websites. Please do not submit any photographs if you do not agree to this as once submitted we cannot return or delete any photographs submitted. Please do not submit anything offensive or that you would be unhappy to see promoted. No names, addresses or emails will be used in terms of publicity, only the submitted photographs. All personal data such as email addresses, names or other submitted information will remain with Waterproof4you only and will never be shared with any third party, nor will that information ever be printed or appear online.

The items offered as winning prizes cannot be exchanged for different items or different sizes / colours.

Good Luck to all entries !!


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