I did one before, but wonder if a new one could work.

So how about this.

I am prepared to let you guys dictate how long I stay locked up – I will post regular pictures showing my locked penis inside the holy trainer as evidence. For every repost or like of this this post I will add 8 hours to my confinement.

But here is the twist.

I can cut short my sentence by posting images.

So – the following images can remove certain times – lets say…..

For every image of a straitjacket – even unworn – this removes 4 hours.

For every image of a straitjacket being worn – this removes 8 hours.

For every extra item as well as the straitjacket (hood, cuffs, segufix etc) –removes 8 hours

For every image of a rubber suit – this removes 8 hours

For every image of complete head to toe bondage – this removes 8 hours.

etc, etc

So I will try and be creative. My chastity is in your hands – but I will do my best to get free as soon as I can by posting pictures – will I get out before more comments and likes are posted?????

The challenge starts now – everything counts !!!


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