Not a bad birthday recently – my other half did me proud!

I am now in possession of a Holy Trainer chastity device – and on first inspection – it is a good device – no padlock in the way – and it is very comfortable to wear !

Got to my hotel for the next few days to find it packed in my bag – along with my Mr S most comfortable butt plug  -and a first – a diaper. Then a pair of orange waterproofs – smock and bib / brace. Awaiting instructions but I guess one night this week I’ll be sleeping in them all ! That will be a first on a few counts !

Maybe I should reintroduce my chastity challenge – what says the members?



well it’s time to try all this out so wish me luck!!


  1. ronald 6 years ago

    I say yes. Redo it. Than you can tell if the holy trainer works well.
    And How did you like the diaper?

  2. max1 6 years ago

    I agree yes lets do it.

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