This dog just finished a challenge set for it by its owner.  It was decided that it would be jacketed for an extended period of time and the time was not to exceed 7days but must be a minimum of 4 days.  The exact length would be determined by the performance of it’s owners favourite sports teams.  A win shortened it and a loss extended it.  The teams lost 3 times so it was in for the maximum.  It was put in it’s owners arms down double leather jacket so at night its arms would be strapped in the arms down position for sleeping but would be put in the fully crossed position for the daytime.  A leather leg sack was added at night and an internal catheter installed for the duration for further control.  Prior to the session it was put on a liquid diet and cleaned out thoroughly so it would not have to be cleaned up by its owner.  Usually it was allowed to move as it felt like around the house however at times it was restrained and hooded using a padded sensory dep hood for random periods of time.  Other than the jacket it wore its chaps and boots for the duration.  After 5 days its arms and shoulders were sore especially during the day.  Its owner would tighten and loosen the arms of the jacket to allow it time to stretch somewhat with its arms crossed.  By the 6th day it begged its owner to keep it jacketed and it whimpered on the 7th when the jacket came off.  After it was taken out it cleaned and conditioned the jacket then its muzzle paws and tail put back in and it became a dog again.  It hopes its owner does this again!!!


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