Sam got up and slid back one of the mirrors. He pulled a

bundle out of the closet beyond. Kai watched from the bed, his
heart pounding. He heard the jingling of buckles and suddenly
the heavy bundle had landed on him. He sat up and let the
jacket unfold. At first it seemed such a complicated mass of
straps and buckles that he couldn’t determine which way was
up. It was so heavy. It was brown and black leather, it seemed
to be leather both inside and out, it had a high collar, it had
very long closed sleeves. It seemed very menacing.

“Fantastic,” exclaimed Kai, jumping off the bed to get a better
look at the jacket. “This is awesome!”

“It looks better on. Going into it?” asked Sam.
For a second, Kai looked worried.

“As long as you let me out when I say, I’ll give it a try,” said

Sam threw himself onto the leather bed.

“No, Kai. We’ve got to get this straight from the beginning.
You’re not holding a game there. A straitjacket is a prison, and
that’s exactly what mine are. Just like in a real situation, you’re
not the one who says when you come out. If you let me strap
you into that, then I’m the one who decides when you come
out. Maybe I’d let you out after a couple of hours, maybe
tomorrow morning, but maybe even Sunday evening would
still find you strapped up like a maniac.”

Kai looked dubious.

“You’d have to trust me, Kai,” he continued. “I’d look after you,
make sure you’re not in pain at all, but, unless you could get
out yourself, you’d be my prisoner as long as I decide and I’d
have no qualms about tying you down or gagging you if the
situation started getting serious.”

He looked hard at Kai.

“Your call, mate!”

“Forget it” said Kai, and threw the restraint onto the bed
across Sam’s legs. He took his coffee and drunk it down in
one, then he climbed astride his leather friend again. He
clamped his hands on Sam’s shoulders in the soft leather shirt
and pushed him down on the bed.

“You’d really refuse to let me out?” asked Kai.

“I’d expect you to take your imprisonment like a man, and not
even ask me to let you out, Kai. Just to trust me.”

“No chance, you bastard!” said Kai and kissed Sam deeply.
The two cuddled, leather on oilskins. Kai was getting quite

Suddenly he pulled away.
“Oh shit!” he said nervously.
“What?” asked Sam.
“Strap me in the straitjacket!” he said
“You sure?”

“Strap me up in it, Sam!”

“Soon,” said Sam, pulling Kai back towards him.

“No now!” said Kai. “Quickly! Before I change my mind!”

“You gonna keep that suit on or put on your leather jeans or
what?” asked Sam.

“I guess I’ll get kinda hot in this, won’t I” asked Kai.

“You’ll get kinda hot in a strait-jacket anyway. Keep it on! I
want to see the sweat roll off you! Come here, I’ll do it up.”

He zipped Kai up, and fastened the high collar under his chin.

Kai looked Sam straight in the face. Sam had his hands on
Kai’s shiny shoulders.

“Give me one last hug before you lose your freedom, Kai!”

Kai pulled Sam to him and they kissed and held each-other

Kai’s hands travelled over the soft leather of Sam’s shirt and
Sam felt Kai’s muscular body under the thick P.V.C. Kai was
fervent and breathless.

“Get the fucking jacket on me!” he said.

“I hope you’re not going to regret this,” said Sam as he picked
up the leather jacket lying on the bed. The buckles jingled

“Oh shit!” breathed Kai, as he stood up to be imprisoned. “Oh

“Pull your sleeves down over your hands a bit and hold them.
Perhaps you can twist the sleeves around your arms a bit. I’ll
get the jacket on you better. Here you go!”

Sam was facing Kai holding the thick jacket invitingly open.

Kai pushed his arms into the heavy sleeves and Sam moved
round Kai to pull the jacket from the back. Kai’s arms went
down into the depths of the straitjacket’s sleeves and he let go
of the sleeves of his PVC suit. His hands felt the cool smooth
leather of the inside of the straitjacket. Sam jerked the jacket
firmly over Kai’s shoulders.

Kai raised his right arm and looked at the riveted, closed
sleeve encasing his hand. A thick brown strap hung from the

“Having regrets?” asked Sam as he pulled the jacket together
at the back over Kai’s shiny suit.

“Carry on!” Kai gasped.

Kai felt the straps being buckled, one after the other. The slack
slowly left the straitjacket as the leather garment was fastened
closed out of reach down his back. A thicker strap went like a
belt around his waist. Sam pulled this firmly shut. Sam’s hand
reached through Kai’s legs and grabbed for the crotch strap

dangling from the front of the jacket. The strap was sewn to a
thicker flap of leather and this was pulled through Kai’s legs.
Suddenly the whole jacket assumed a new tension as Sam
strapped this through the buckle at the back.

“Comfortable?” asked Sam.



PVC Package by John Strickland

Available from Bound Editions

or any ePub outlet – such as Kindle, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Nook


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