ok that was a bit more painful that I thought. But we are back. It turns out we were hacked – a nifty bit of code buried inside one of the pages that kept reporting back our ftp access username and passwords so hackers could get inside our files. I don’t know who has the time to do this or to what end – but I found it – and am trying to put things in place to stop it ever happening again.

So – for the time being – WE ARE BACK.


  1. blacksheep 5 years ago

    Yay! I hope things are sorted out and there won’t be any more troubles.

    • blacksheep 5 years ago

      I see lots of activity with new members appearing and then disappearing just as quickly. Still having a lot of spammers?

      • Author
        Jacketbound 5 years ago

        Hey there
        nope – its more simple than that – anybody that signs up has to fill in an ‘about’ section with some kind of info so I know they are not spammers – its a simple step yet more often than not people put lots of crap in it and its no help – so I delete them.

        if people are genuine about signing up and contributing, taking half a minute to fill in some details should be easy.

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