Short Stories 01

by Eckie

This book features some great stories, such as:

The Failed Challenge and its Heavy Consequences

House Sitting

The Weekend in Layers

The Friend’s Visitor

A Different Way for Me to Visit the Fair

Tied in a Split


This is an extract from The Failed Challenge and its Heavy Consequences

Telling me that he knows I enjoy it a lot he brought his heavy
dry suit and both helped me to get in immediately. It was fitting
well, not too tight, not too loose, and with its attached gloves,
feet and open face hood it sealed me in rubber almost head to
toe then already immediately. I indeed loved that suit a lot, and
would my dick not have been encased and locked, I might
have enjoyed it more, but right now it caused more of a bit
frustration, not being able to get hard or rub my dick in its
attempt to get hard. Additionally of course in case the nappies
would not be sufficient, nothing could now leak out anymore
either, airtight sealed into that suit now.

The next item was one of my favorites; he really knew what
would make my dick frustrated. A very special heavy thick
rubber helmet he had made a long time ago. Telling me that of
course he would not want to have to listen to me begging for release, he would want me securely silenced and blinded also,
hence this hood would do the perfect job. I told him that I will
not give him that pleasure of begging, he would be surprised
how well I will manage my own release, he just laughed to that
and started putting that helmet on my head. It was almost 1
cm thick rubber, two half’s that will at the end be buckled shut
together. The only openings it had were the ends of some
tubes that were part of the helmets’ inside. Two tubes entering
the nostrils to keep the airflow going. No holes at the eyes and
a special mouthpiece embedded too. Made of rubber, filling
the inside of your mouth completely, molding around your lips
on inside and outside, even having a molded part to put your
tongue inside, so entirely covering the inside of the mouth and
keeping your tongue locked also, not having any opening
added to the fact that once it is on your face and in your
mouth, you will no longer be able to make much noise at all.
He had enough practice with that hood that it was no issue at
all to align the tubes into my nostrils and place the mouth part
correctly into my mouth, aligning the front part of that helmet
then correctly to my face, already sealing nicely to the
rubbered open face hood of the dry suit, then adding the back
part of the helmet and in no time having the several buckles
closed and keeping that helmet now irremovable on my head,
sealing that one in now also, keeping me blind, my hearing
severely numbed and of course not being able to argue now in
any form either anymore, my only connection to the outside being the two tubes up my nose, safely kept in place by that
hood now.

Speaking louder I could hear him say now that it is time to get
me roped up proper and have the three hours start. To begin
with my hands were brought on my back and tied tightly with
generous amount of rope, I know he is an expert with rope, so
it did not take much time to get this done well, not cutting off
the blood yet being tight enough to hold those hands where
they are supposed to be. Still I knew that I had managed not
just once to get out of such before, so was not at all worried.
What I felt next was rope added to my upper arms, between
shoulder and elbow he applied several loops rope around my
arms and then tightened them, tightened them more, and even
tightened more after that, I ended up with my elbows almost
touching themselves, pushing my chest out, generating some
strange posture of my upper body now. The ropes covered
around wrists and as well around the upper arms each about
two inches wide space, so he sure did not spare on it. Now he
followed with again generous amounts rope looped around my
waist and the tied wrists, ending it up with looping the rope
between my body and the wrists then, tightening it all to a
level that was ‘just’ ok, definitely tight enough not to move up
or down or in any direction for that sake and additionally tying
my already roped wrists in place, held by that created loop on
to the back of my body now. Another generous amount of rope
then went around my upper body, including the upper arms and tightening those on to my body also, again at least a width
of two inches was laid in ropes before the then looped the
ends of the rope between my arms and body over the ropes,
tightening them on to my body and tightening the arms held in
place as well.

My legs were pressed together now and other lengths of rope
went just above my knees before being tightened with looping
and knotting the ends around those between my legs. The
same procedure happened just below my knees and around
my ankles. He then looped a length of rope on to the front of
the ropes around my waist and had the ends just dangle to the
floor. The two then helped me to lie down on the floor, on my
belly, before continuing. My legs were bent then and held tight
on to my butt, my heels actually touching my buttocks.
Lengths of rope now looped around my thighs and ankles,
tightening the legs in place already before the ends again
looped around this rope right between my thighs and ankles,
tightening the legs even more in place now The loose ends he
had connected to the front before were now looped between
my tied legs, just below my ass crack, pulled up, pulled over
the ropes around my ankles forward then and looped between
my wrists backwards, not without looping it through the ropes
around my body there and then pulling the ends, pulling them
causing it to tighten my ankles towards my butt, tightening the
wrists towards the body too and when he was satisfied with
how tight it was, he continued looping that rope around the wrists towards my upper body then, looping it through the
ropes that have been tight around the upper body, pulling
again tight on it, pressing my wrists tighter to my body even
more, before knotting the ends there, out of my hands reach.

Now he took a thin rope and folded my hands together, finger
over finger, starting to use that thin rope to tie each matching
pair of fingers together nicely, just at their root and also in the
rough middle of the fingers length, then pulling the end of that
thin rope after knotting it proper between my legs down and
looping it again through that rope around my waist at my front,
pulling it back towards the hands then and pulling until the
hands were kept tight in my crack, looping it around the wrists
and knotting it, still lots lengths left however. He then made
sure my feet are positioned one to the left and one to the right
of those tied hands now before using the rest of that thin rope
to first tie those feet together in their middle and then using
that rope further to tie my two big toes together also. The ends
of that rope then was looped through the rope around my
ankles and pulled tight, successfully pulling my feet and toes
towards that part.

When he was finished he stepped back and checked it out,
with a louder voice so that I could understand it telling me then
that as he sees it I can hardly move my arms, hands, feet or
legs and none of the knots is anywhere near the reach of my
anyway tied fingers either. I tried grunting into the mouth filling rubber part of the helmet, not succeeding in making any noise
that would be considered much noticeable, tried wriggling
myself around, again without much success, and I heard both
of them laugh, again saying that my three hours would start
now and I should enjoy the begin of a helpless weekend. Then
silence around me, they might be still there watching, they
might leave to another room, I would not realize, in the dark,
dampened hearing, silenced and as it seems rather helpless. I
started trying the ties, trying to find any part that might give at
least a little, a little being enough to build on and get even only
one small part that has been restrained more free, more ability
to move.

I must have struggled on the floor at least half an hour already,
the feel of the tightness making me horny, the chastity
however preventing any pleasure in that fact, feeling the
unwanted plug with every move, but even more feeling that
nothing at all was giving in, not even a little. The more I
struggle, the hotter it got inside the dry suit also, breathing
through only those inside tubes did not make things easier
either. I kept struggling, kept attempting to make noises yet
not giving out more than rather silent grunts into that helmet;
however I thought to myself that I would not be defeated so
easily. In my struggles I turned my body to the left, to the right,
always ending back ion my belly after short time, attempted
the weirdest combination of movements on various parts of
my body, just to get anything a bit loose, loose enough to build on that then for my escape. Inside the dry suit and helmet of
course I got sweaty, the exhaustion from the constant struggle
adding to it, in between trying short breaks where I lie still,
thinking about where to start, where to attempt next, how to
attempt, just to continue my struggle on and on then again.

I cannot tell time, how much passed, how long before my set
time was gone, I just kept going, and unfortunately realized on
each attempts how futile those are. Endless fighting against
ropes and not one single change was felt, everything still in
place, tight as at the beginning, in their exact positions as he
had roped them to.

I then got surprised by a sudden touch of my head, he held it
firm in place while speaking up, loud enough again for me to
understand him clear. I stopped struggling then of course and
heard him say that my three hours already passed. Was it that
long already I thought to myself, trying to voice that question,
of course unable to do so, hearing him laugh at my attempt,
adding that they had enjoyed my struggles and even more the
fact that I had to do all of it in silence, not disturbing them
during their games that they had played in the last three
hours. He then added that it was time for the addition of
restraints, originally he had in mind of adding more rope, but
having seen how effectively everything was kept in place
already, there was no real need on that, instead they would
move immediately to cling film and tape. I again attempted to struggle, futile as before, hearing some laughter of the two
was all that happened.

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