So it was finally cool enough to get in all my laters! First was my CB6k muzzle and isolation in-earn monitors, then my First Ascent down suit, followed by getting put into my Straitjacket (it’s one that I had @sasam make custom a while back). After that I got onto the cot and into my altered sleeping bag, then belted up with some straps I made and then finally tied down to the cot so I couldn’t move at all… the my mate teased me off and on in the chastity for a couple hours (while he was playing some video games) before finally unlocking me and making me shoot my load.

IMG_2921 IMG_2926IMG_2929 IMG_2932IMG_2935


  1. ralf78 5 years ago

    great pics love to see you more in your sj

  2. ronald 5 years ago

    Looks like a great time.
    Love the look of that straitjacket. Has easy acces. Hihi

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