The wife and I are off to a fetish party in November. It’s been ages since I went to any kind of fetish event – so have had to get creative and sort an outfit out. The idea for the outfit is based around my love of straitjackets but lets me actually enjoy the evening – meal and music.

Here is what I will be wearing for the evening – along with the 20 plus padlocks that will all secure the locking straps!

Should be fun.

20161101_171017 20161101_170951 20161101_165016

  1. blacksheep 5 years ago

    I wish there were things like that I could attend in our town. Of course I gave all that up when I moved from Atlanta to rural Alabama.

    Have fun and enjoy everything!

  2. Bondagenerd 5 years ago

    Wow, that looks awesome. I like the “normal clothing” approach, although I’d prefer a restrictive version of that.

  3. Author
    Jacketbound 5 years ago

    As the weekend event gets closer it is dawning on me just what a weekend it will be. The plan is to arrive friday afternoon – then there are drinks that night – so I will be head to toe rubber for that night. Saturday morning after breakfast until around 7pm I will be wearing waterproofs with nothing else as I am selling some waterproof gear. Then saturday night I get locked into my leather gear for a meal and party. Sunday after breakfast its time to say goodbye – should be one hot weekend – hopefully pics and a report to follow

  4. Col 5 years ago

    Hope you have a great time. Col.

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