So one evening, sat at home drinking wine after food and getting quite merry, the wife asks me what I am surfing on my laptop. Kink I replied. So she came over and inspected what I was looking at. Just a heap of images of guys in rubber.

We are both very kinky and she loves her rubber as much as me.

She tells me we have not purchased any rubber for a while, so we should get some catsuits. Ok. Within minutes we were measuring each other and entering in our measurements for custom made catsuits.

We both bought two catsuits.

But this is why the wine I had that night impacted on my purchases.

To start with, she made me buy a suit matching the last image I had liked on Tumblr.

See below…..

Complete black rubber catsuit, with mouth and anal condom and penis sheath, plus perforated eyes.

She then ordered a matching catsuit for herself quite keen on the image of us both being locked into our suits and having fun together!

Then I ordered a suit I had always craved. A full catsuit, penis sheath, anal sheath, attached everything in transparent latex.

Since that night I had forgotten all about it due to the wine we consumed.

That was until I had an email today saying the package was on its way and will be here this week.

What I have done!

  1. ronald 4 years ago

    That is a nice outfit..
    Would love to try this..
    Maybe with a nice rubber straitjacket on top

  2. max1 4 years ago

    Cant wait for the images 🙂

  3. doctorjohn 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the lucky couple…. Woopee!

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