1. blacksheep 4 years ago

    Well, it all depends on what you like in a hood. I personally like mine full coverage, as tight as possible and with only minimal breathing holes. 😉

  2. doctorjohn 4 years ago

    I have several, and my favorite is the Regulation hooded rubber one. I had mine made with nose holes only. The upper arm strap is great, and the belted waist allows her to have free access to me while still staying sealed in. If she adds a posture collar (tight rubber one); I’m in heaven.

  3. Bound4ever 3 years ago

    My all time favorite Hood is the ‘Heavy Duty’ padded Hood, with 3 straps (later on attached) from Fetters. (I’ve owned for over 25 yrs..)
    Jim stewart (houdini-connections.com) at the time advised against a attached Hood.. for reasons, you would not be able to change to another one..
    The closest I came to an ‘attached hood’ is with my ‘Exo-Skeleton Suit’ from
    MaxCita (dr. Madmax) from canada.
    There you can attach the Canvas hood with a Biopane belt, trough loops around the neck.
    Still you can exchange for another ( say Leather) Hood.
    So, altough I can symphatise to the tought, ( also see LeatherCreations about this, with their leather sleepsack) I would still advise against it.

  4. phil 3 years ago

    hi im into useing hooded coats parka and other types worn back to front tiedup in them gagged and hooded is there anyone into the same thing it can be great bondage fun thank s from phil

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