I need help from our great members.

Some of you will recongnise the name of Jim Stewart. I won’t do a history lesson here but to lots of people he helped out in so many ways – from offering advice, sessions to creating some of the great items we all enjoy.

So – what help do I need.

I am working on a book which looks at the great man and offers an overview of who he was, what he did and why he was so important when looking back at where we are today.

There are members out there who will hopefully have stories. Maybe you met him. Maybe you had items created by him. Maybe you were lucky enough to play at 40 Fitz.

If you have any thoughts, memories, stories or anything – even images that you would be willing to share to go towards creating this book I would love you to get in touch. You can do so and keep your name out of print if you want. This is more about building up detail and the information about the great man so anything, no matter how small could be useful.

Please help. He did so much and there is so much that is unknown about this great man. His story needs to be told. I have all his writings and some great images plus have access to some people who worked directly with him at various times and they have offered help in adding content to this project.

you can contact me at jb@jacketbound.com.  Many thanks

  1. Felix 3 years ago

    Funny, I am working on a Jim Stewart related project as well. not a book though, but something that requires some digging too.

  2. Author
    Jacketbound 3 years ago

    Felix – tell me more !!!

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