The Farm

When I turned up for my first day of work at the farm, I was very excited about finding a job. I’d spotted the job on the web. I found most things on the web. Truth be told I probably spent far to much time on the web. If I wasn’t surfing for kinky websites and looking at images of shiny waterproof gear, then I was reading stories about my favourite fetish’s. As much as I surfed though, my experience of fetish was always from a distance.

I wanted to get involved but there were things in life I still, at 19, was unsure about. Let me introduce myself. My name is Luke and I never had much success with girls. I flirted lots but my lack of confidence meant I did not get far. The girls could smell the fear on me from a mile off and this prompted their quick exit.

So the web had become my place. I did try and contribute. Not with pictures as my gear collection was to say the least, none existent. I’d written a story or two. Fantasies about being kept in waterproof gear. Locked up, used and abused for the amusement of others. But they were fantasies. Sometimes I wrote them with a female in charge, but just recently, inspired by so many other stories, my fantasies and stories had changed to being dominated by men. Young good looking men.

The job offer was simple. A farm just out of town was looking for somebody to help out as much as possible. They promised hard work but good pay and the kicker was the few images they posted with the advert showed a young guy head to toe in great shiny waterproof clothing. I assumed that the job would supply any or all gear needed. I’d dreamt about doing all the chores about the farm every day dressed in such great gear.

I was almost desperate to work on the farm. If they had pushed me I may have offered my services for free. But the money would come in handy. Rent needed to be paid and the extra would start my fund to start buying some of this great gear.

That was his plan. One day I would have enough money to buy the gear I wanted and then I could post my own images online rather than just drool at other’s images.

The address and the bus ride was not a long one. About fifteen minutes out of town, the backdrop of the malls and office blocks dropped away and the trees and countryside took over. I rarely got out of town. Not having a car I spent most of my time surfing. Friends wise I had made a few, but only a few. I’d met up with a couple of guys who I’d chatted to in the local grocery store for coffee and even a film at the local cinema but they certainly weren’t friendships that offered up weekly connections.

The bus dropped me at the end of a long driveway marked for “Regnfrakker Farm”. The name sounded dutch to but I had no idea what it referred to. Must be the guys name I thought.

Walking down to the house, another ten minute walk as the road to the farm showed just how big the land was the farm controlled.

Knocking on the door bought no response. I waited and looked around but was starting to get a bit fed up. My trainers were caked in mud. OK they were not the new trainers I had just bought but still, it hammered home that I did not have the correct clothing to be walking on this road. Luckily my jeans were not too bad, just a few mud marks.

Giving up waiting I looked for signs of life around the farm. I figured the owner must be around here somewhere already working. It was only 8am, but to a farmer maybe that was halfway through their day. Who knows I thought to himself.

The barn closest to the house had its doors open so I headed that way.

As I walked in my eyes almost popped out of my head. This was obviously the clothing area for the farm hands. There were changing facilities and an array of gear hanging from the various hooks that I could only dream of. Waterproof clothing in every kind and colour could be seen. Dungarees, overalls, jackets, smocks, hats. I even spotted some drysuits and full industrial protection suits. Gas masks hung on some of the hooks. I was in my own world for a moment and did not hear footsteps behind me.


Came the call from behind and this made me almost jump out of my skin. I knew I was perving at all the gear and lost in my own world. I just hoped that whoever was behind me was not thinking of me as some sort of pervert eyeing up all the gear.

I turned to be met by a tall good looking guy about my height and from what he could tell, a similar age.

Hi, he replied.

Can I help you, you seem lost?

Er, sorry. I was told to come down and report here today for possible work. On the farm. So here I am. I did try the house.

Ah, you must be Luke. I was told you were coming. No worries. Sorry – the house usually has a sign at the front saying I am out back but I forgot to put it out this morning as I’ve been checking the farm. I’m Mike by the way.


That was the only response I could muster. Pretty dumb response but I was on edge. I thought Mike looked cool – good looking guy, short spikey hair, athletic build. It caught me off guard.

So, you up to start work straight away. I have a job that needs attacking pretty quickly and has to be finished today.

Er, yes – of course.

Were you told how the farm works? asked Mike

No, the advert only stated that a worker was needed and once I emailed, I was told to come down here today.

Mike smiled as he walked towards one of the walls full of gear.

Ok, he said. Well lets get you geared up. I can explain things as we go as it will take a while to get geared up for the work. Is that ok?

OK, I thought. Hell yes is what I wanted to say. Instead I tried to contain my excitement and replied with a more subdued response.

Yeah, sounds fine, so what’s the plan.

Well first up we have to clear out one of the barns. It’s had pigs in there for a while, amongst other animals. It’s a mess. And when I say a mess, I mean pig shit everywhere.

Mike tried to break a big smile to relax me. It was working, slowly.

Mike had a calm way about him which I liked. I knew Mike knew the ropes so felt in good hands with him.

I’m not going to lie. Today is going to be a real test for your first day. Due to the mess and what we need to do it could be a full on day. You will either be rushing back tomorrow or I will never see you again.

I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but was following his actions and moved towards the bench at the wall to start pulling off my trainers.

Mike went on to explain.

The boss here has certain ways to make sure all the work is done. You have to do it his way, or he is not happy. You have to follow his every instruction. He is ex Army, so is quite a task master and stands for no bullshit.

Sounds fair enough, I replied.

One of the things he insists on is quality of work. We have today to get this job done. As soon as we finish, he lets us go and we get paid for the day. If we go slow, we are here until the job gets finished. No breaks. Nothing.

No breaks! Let’s us go? These sentences were playing around in my head but I had little time to reflect and take it in as Mike was stripping down to his boxers in front of me.

Come on, he said, get those clothes off. We don’t have long and we need to get going. If not we won’t get this job done in time.

I did not feel very comfortable getting undressed with Mike right by me, but having a quick look around I saw little option.

Chill, Mike tried to ease me again. It’s just you and me here today. Nobody is going to look at you getting undressed and I am sure if I don’t care about being seen naked, then neither will you.

Naked! I thought as Mike dropped his boxers to the ground.

I could only look on as here I was, in a strange farm on day one, looking at a great looking body of somebody I’d just met, but was mimicking his every move and pulling jeans down, socks off etc following the move of the naked man in front of me.

I felt embarrassed, but that suddenly went away as I saw something that I was not expecting. Mike was wearing a chastity device. His penis was locked up in a plastic device and it had a padlock on the front of it.

Before he could even ask, Mike clocked me staring at it.

Ah, this. This is my chastity device. I guess this was not explained either to you.

What do you mean, I asked.

Well, it’s like this. The guy who runs the farm has had a few guys work here who, well, how can I put it. Well they got off on being in some of the gear. That made him mad as some of the gear then had to be washed more often as they left messes inside it.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor. My cheeks felt bright red. Had I been rumbled. Was Mike implying that I was only here for the gear. I was, but I did not want to admit it.

I tried to control my red cheeks and played it down.

Who would do such a thing, I asked.

Well you never can tell. He got so fed up of hiring people and they just messed up his gear that he has a few policies around here that are quite extreme.

First up. Every person who works on the farm has to be in chastity. He claims that not only does it stop any messes inside his gear but it also focuses the mind on work and nothing else.


I know. It’s mad, but the pay is so good and he does look after the workers, so it’s worth it. Not like you need it whilst working anyhow – so I figure what’s the problem.

I had the sudden realisation that if I was going to work here, I would be joining Mike in having my penis locked up for the day. This was almost getting too much for me and had I been alone, I would have pulled my junk out there and then and started wanking myself off. I had always loved the image of locked cocks and had wanted to try it. I was now moments away from finding out what it would be like firsthand.

Mike came into view of me with something in his hand. He stood there, butt naked apart from his chastity device, holding a similar chastity device in his hand. There was also a padlock which was open, but had no key in it.

I blushed. I needed a moment before removing my jeans and boxers as the hardon I was sporting was sure to get me in trouble. I looked Mike in the eye as he instructed me to get stripped and get this on.

Where is the key? I asked.

The farm owner has them all up at the farm house. When he approves the work, we get the keys.

Oh ok.

I took my time. I needed to. My hardon needed time to go down. This was all getting too much for me.

Mike left the device in my hands and went back to the bench. As I was looking down at the device he continued to get himself ready. I stood there, open mouthed, watching him move onto the next step.

He pulled a white padded piece of fabric from a box and proceeded to pull the item into position. he was pulling some diapers onto his body!!

He turned to me and laughed. Oh come on he said. We are going to be working for hours. Have you not worked out that once you are working, stopping for toilet breaks is going to be tough to do and cause delays. You should know about all this. How else do you think we work such long hours?

All I could do was answer back.

Yeah, of course. I just…

He cut me off.

Look, he said. If this is too much then just go home now. This is what it takes to get all the work done, so you are either in, or on your way home. But we have to get a move on if you are in, as there is lots still to do.

This was moving fast. I was looking down the barrel of a day in waterproofs, wearing a chastity device and being diapered. I could not wait. I tried as much as I could to think of things that would get rid of my hardon. Bit by bit I could feel it easing. It had to. I had to continue to strip and if Mike saw my hardon, I would be in trouble.

Mike was busy using duct tape to secure the diaper into place. He jiggled around to make sure the fit was right for him before looking back to me.

At that point I was just pulling off my boxers.

Sorry, he said, realising I may need a bit more privacy than him staring at me.

I continued as best I could. The cold air helped as I removed my boxers and stood there butt naked alongside a man in diapers!!

I sat down to try and put the chastity device on. It was a fairly simple one, with a semi circle device that sat behind the balls, connected to a top part and then the main part slid on, all connected by a small section that left a hole for the padlock. It felt great going on. It had a small amount of lube on the inside to help putting it on. I reached to put the padlock on and when I turned back, Mike was almost standing over me, inspecting me as I placed the padlock into position and locked my penis away for the day.

As I clicked it shut he smiled at me. He approved. It meant he had somebody to help him for the day I guess. He held out a diaper for me and a roll of tape.

I went about trying to put the diaper on as best I could. It was the first time I had ever had a diaper in my hands so working out what to do with it was a challenge.

As Mike bought back an armful of the shiniest gear I have every seen, he dropped it onto the bench and moved towards me to help.

This was almost embarrassing as a grown man went about helping me put diapers on. I felt his hands on my hips and over my butt as he held the diaper in place then taped it nice and secure.

As he stood back I knew that I was taped in, firmly.

I was getting used to the feeling of the diaper. My penis was waking back up. It was trying to get hard and being met by restriction. I felt the urge to get a hardon, but the restriction from the chastity stopped me. This was feeling great.

Mike was behind me again. This time I felt something cold brush up against my legs. As I turned I found him stood there holding out the brightest orange smock I had ever seen. It was a lovely looking orange ocean PVC smock. Not ultra thick, but medium weight.

It looked great and had a huge smell of work all over it. This had seen some action I thought to myself.

This should fit you to start with, he said.

He pulled out an identical looking smock and started to pull it over his naked body.

Do you not wear anything underneath the PVC I asked.


Came the reply, almost matter of fact.

All that happens is you get those items sweaty and in a mess. No, I always wear the gear straight on my skin. It’s easier to clean everything up later. Trust me.

Trust me, he said. Those words were almost hypnotic. Of course I trusted him.

I pulled the smock over my head. There were snaps at the from to close the front and make it look nice I left the hood down, as did Mike. What a sight. What a feeling.

The next item offered to me was a pair of matching dungarees. Bibs or overalls some people call them. I pulled them up over my legs and looked back to see Mike doing the same. We were matching in every sense. Locked up in chastity, diapered and encased in PVC.


Pulling the straps into place on the dungarees, the clothing settled into place nicely. I was already starting to warm up with the PVC on my skin. The work had not even started yet.

Boots were next. Mike offered me a pair of bright orange wellies. What else I thought.

As I went to put them on, Mike insisted that the trouser of the dungaree had to go inside the wellies. At this point I had stopped questioning why and just followed his instructions to the letter.

The wellies had an inner lining that acted like a sock to cushion the foot. I pulled them both up and stood up. Mike acted as a mirror and the image I saw in front of me was a very pleasing one.

My cock was by now straining inside its prison. I was loving this. This was way beyond what I had expected and all I could think of was if this was my first day then I would be working on this farm for life!

Mike was not done.

He was again stood in front of me holding up two items. They were black in colour. Straps?

These are required. More instruction from the boss. He was also sick of time wasters, so to make sure the work gets done, he locks us into he gear, only letting us out when the day and the work has been done. So you will need to put both of these on.

I nodded. What else could I do. If I had expressed my reaction properly, I would have nodded like a dog on heat !

Mike went around me and pulled a two inch rubber belt around my waist. He pulled it tight before I heard a click. I guessed that he had used a padlock to lock the belt on.

He then held another shorter one up around my neck around the collar of the jacket, so that I could still pull the hood up if needed. He then pulled that tight and repeated the process of applying the padlock.

He stepped back. At this point he offered two similar items up for me to do the same to him. This was getting way too much for me. The chastity device was stopping me from having one of the most intense orgasms of all time.

I would be dreaming of this day for many a day to come. Reliving every move, every sight for years.

A minute later, Mike was standing looking back at me with the black rubber collar and waist belt locked into place trapping him in his gear.

Now, he said, you are ready for a days work!

With that we headed out to the barn at the side of the one we were in to find the mess Mike had described.

Part 2

The day was a strange one. The work was getting done but to say I was focussed on it 100% was wrong. I was very distracted.

Every now and again I glanced over to catch a glimpse of Mike and bask in him wearing his glossy orange PVC gear. The black trip of the collar and the waist belt were visible and I can see light bounce off the padlock reminding me how trapped he was. And to think he was in chastity underneath all that gear was incredible.

I matched him in every way.

The sweat was dropping of me. Beads of sweat started all over my body and dripped down by front and back. The result made my body  on edge. I was experiencing such a heightened sense all over my skin. It was incredible.

I was in heaven. The work was neither here nor there. This was fun.

I was not sure if Mike was aware that I had such a smile on my face as I went about my work.

The only down side was the smell. The pig shit stank !

A couple of hours in, Mike had vanished. I only realised when he was stood behind me tapping me on my shoulder.

Sorry, he said. I should have offered you one of these at the start. I’ve tried to work without it, but no more. Here you are.

Mike passed a gas mask to me and immediately set about putting his on, then pulled his orange PVC hood over his head to seal his head behind the mask and the PVC. He tied the pulls tight around his neck and went back to work.

Shit. This was just too good to be true as I followed suit and took great pleasure in putting my hood up. I had wanted to put it up straight away at the start of the day but was looking for a way to do so that would not appear strange.

Strange! Who was I kidding. I was padlocked in gear, wearing a chastity device working in PVC gear in a farm. Everything about this was strange!

I continued with the work, enjoying things even more.

Working straight through lunch made sense. The sooner we got the work done the better. That was the farm ethos. That was the idea. Mike was shifting, working at speed. He knew the routine so blasted through the work.

Me, I was a little more relaxed about things. Going at my own pace. I figured I may as well enjoy every moment as much as I could.

We had split the barn into two halves. It was becoming obvious that Mike was working at a higher pace than I was as he was further along his side of the barn. Quite a bit further intact.

But that made no difference to me and my mindset. I was loving the day and wanted it to last forever.

It was a good job that the chastity device was in place or by now I would be on multiple orgasms. The gear was just great.

It was about five hours into the job when Mike tapped me on the shoulder. I was lost in my own world so jumped again.

You must stop doing that I said to him, though the sentence was muffled through the gas mask. He got the idea though and just laughed.

Right, I am done. He said.

I turned to look down to the end of the barn and he was right, his side was as clean as it could be. Me on the other hand. I was probably only 60 per cent through my side.

I am going to head back to the farm house and tell the boss that I am done for the day.

My heart sank slightly. I loved looking over to see my waterproof buddy across from me. It was such a kick seeing him locked into his gear.

Oh ok. Was the feeble response I gave out.

As soon as you are done, just head up to the farm house and grab the key from the boss. Then you can get changed and I will see you back here at 6am tomorrow – that’s provided you want to come back again for more of this.

Of course I did. I nodded back to him. 6am I thought. That was going to be a shock to the system. I would have to get up around 5 to shower and get breakfast ahead of getting here. 5am!

I was holding on to that thought as Mike walked away and turned out of the barn and headed to the farm house.

It was still early afternoon I thought, so if I got all this done I could get home and have a nice long bath and an early night to make up for tomorrow’s early start.

I set about getting back to work. My mind sinking back into its own world. My breathing sounds intensified by the gas mask. The heat intensified by the PVC on my bare skin. My fetish reactions kept in check by the cage that surrounded my penis.

Come on, I said to myself. This gear will be here tomorrow. Lets get the job nailed. I started to wonder what kind of gear may be the order of the day for tomorrow. Would it be just as good, different? different colours? Would I be locked into the gear again – yes – of course I thought. That is the farm ethos. Wow – each and every day locked into gear by Mike. And to think he wondered if I wanted to come back for more. Fool, I thought.

Getting the last part of the job done did not take as long as I had thought as my work mode changed. I admired the cleanliness of the barn after removing all signs of the mess that was there before.

The last job had been fun as I washed down the concrete floor completely. The cold water from the hose had felt great as it splashed against various parts of the PVC. I could feel the coldness through it. I had wished Mike had still been here so he could had turned the hose on me and washed me down as well. Maybe another day I thought. If I work as fast as Mike then maybe I can ask him to do that next time.

Or maybe if we get the work done we can have some fun in our gear !

Stop it ! This was not good. I can’t have thoughts like that, especially when my penis can’t get hard locked up as it was in chastity.

I was nicely clean, yet very hot still. The sweat was inside my suit and making it slide all over my body. The jacket and bobs may not have been PVC lined, but they were very slippery indeed.

It was a great sensation.

I headed to the main farm house. I kept the gas mask on and the hood up. It was just more fun that way. I wanted to enjoy the sensations as much as I could for as long as I could.

I knocked on the door of the main farm house. There was no immediate answer.

I knocked again.

Second time today this had happened I thought to myself. The last time I had to walk around to find somebody so I did the same again. I walked around the main house trying to look into the windows to see sight of the farmer, so I could get my keys and get released.

I had walked around 3 sides of the house when I was starting to get slightly frustrated. There was no sign of anybody. I peered through the last window on the side of the house and immediately recognised Mike.

But it was not a sight I was expecting.

Mike was still wearing his gas mask and his waterproofs. The collar and waist strap were still locked on. But he was also padlocked to some chains that kept him locked to the side of the bars of a small cage he was stuck inside. His hands were cuffed behind him and to the back of the cage. His collar was chained to the top of the cage. His booted feet were chained to the front corners of the cage. Sat down, he was completely unable to move in any direction.

Just then he clocked me. He noticed me looking at him and tried to speak through the task mask. The window stopped any noise coming through, but immediately after he see me and tried to speak, a figure crossed in front of the window. I retreated sharpish to the side out of view. Even though the image I saw before me was one of the hottest images I had ever seen, I had no idea what was going on and did not plan to find out. I certainly did not want to be in the same position as Mike.

Well that last part was a lie, but I was not sure I was ready for that just yet.

I ran.


Back down the long road that joined the farm with the main road.

I completely forgot how I was dressed and that I needed the padlocks to get out of the gear I was in.

I just ran.

And I reached the main road, the bus that would take me home was pulling in and I quickly jumped on board and found a seat.

I was panting behind the gas mask. More sweat was now forming between the PVC and my skin. I was drenched.

The bus pulled off. I realised that I had no ticket, no money. I was still wearing my gas mask and full PVC outfit, all of which I was locked into. Not to mention my diaper and chastity device.

The farm disappeared into the distance and I realised I was heading the wrong way to be released. The keys to my freedom were behind me.

I was nervous. I had no idea what to do. All I could do is picture Mike chained up in his gear in that cage.

What was I going to do……

  1. slave scotty 2 years ago

    Loved your story The Farm. Is there a second part coming? Want to know more about Mike as well as if Luke is going to be enslaved as Mike is. Love it!! All my admiration to You Sir!

  2. Wetsuitlad 2 years ago

    Yes please, we need a second part!!!

  3. JohnStrickland 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jacketbound!
    Great reading.
    It’s inspiring me to get writing again.
    as you mentioned a while ago, – I’ve got ‘writer’s block’!

    • Author
      Jacketbound 2 years ago

      Oh come on, that’s not fair. A genius write like you commenting on my poor writings puts my efforts to shame!

      Much appreciated comments though – thanks

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