With a work bonus in hand I decided to buy a couple of items on my ‘wish list’ from Fetters.

So first up is a leather lined, leather sleepsack with locking straps. Always wanted one of those.

Next up is a new armsdown leather lined leather straitjacket, with locking straps as my love of wine has made my previous jacket a bit snug.

So – it’s time to sell my old jacket. It has done me very well. I think it’s around 10 years old and still looks as good now as the first day I bought it. So stay tuned for some better pictures of the gear to sell and the new gear in action. Along with some measurements and a rough price, in case anybody is interested in buying my old jacket off me.

  1. Carl 2 years ago


    Whats the latest on th sale of this SJ?


  2. Author
    Jacketbound 2 years ago

    Sold – sorry

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